Keynote Speaker Presentations

Do you want a speaker that will effectively engage your audience?

Glenn McIntosh, the "A-Game Guy," has been inspiring and instructing audiences for more than two decades with his messages of personal responsibility and power to achieve success. His conversational style of delivery engages audiences on a personal level and challenges them to immediately self-explore their own behavior on the journey of life.


He has keynoted events nationwide for corporate, higher education, spiritual, well-being, and sports audiences.  It should come as no surprise that an individual who holds a number of competitive bodybuilding titles including Mr. Michigan and Mr. Ironman stresses to audiences how to be a determined, action-oriented, and a disciplined competitor for whatever life and career goal they desire.


Glenn has been in the unique position of providing human performance coaching services to people from all occupations and walks of life, including corporate executives, entrepreneurs, professional and amateur athletes, entertainers, and college students. In his keynotes, Glenn shares the stories and secrets of his process that helped these individuals, as well as companies and sport teams, experience extraordinary success.


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Glenn speaks on topics related to life balance, human performance, quantum self-improvement, leadership, employee production, education, and pop culture.  These can be presented as either a keynote or a workshop.


Please let us know about any specific organizational needs or objectives. His goal is to facilitate the outcome you want to create!