Glenn McIntosh is a premier human performance expert, inspirational speaker, senior-level executive for a major university, and founder of the A-Game Movement.  He is in demand across the United States both as a speaker and as a one-on-one coach because of his ability to bring attention to those areas in people's lives that are holding them back from excellence.


His book “It’s Time to Bring You’re A Game” and associated “A Game Movement” teaches people how to break ineffective mental and behavioral habits so they can achieve peak performance in every area of their life.


Glenn’s own fascinating life journey inspired him to integrate experiences as an impoverished overweight youth, champion athlete, mental health counselor, strength coach, and college administrator, to develop a life cycle management system that results in positive outcomes in academic, career, relationships, financial, fitness, and athletic competition performances.


What makes Glenn McIntosh unique, both as a person and a life coach is the versatility of experience and accelerated wisdom that he has to offer despite still being a relatively young man. A native of Detroit, Michigan, he holds a Masters of Arts in Counseling and Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Business Administration. He is certified as a licensed professional counselor, personal trainer, and nutrition specialist. Twenty-six years of experience in the field of higher education, ten of which were spent as a Dean and Assistant to Vice-President has afforded him the chance to handle and learn from any difficult situations including those raised by mental health issues, moral and ethical decisions, crisis situations, and diversity issues.


Glenn has worked with people from all walks of life: from high profile and celebrity clients to corporate executives and entrepreneurs--anyone who wants to make a new start in life or has "fallen off their horse, and needs to get back up again."  He has garnered a reputation for his work with extremely successful A Type personalities that want to bring their “A” game so they can hit any curve ball life throws at them into the stars! 


He is very active in many professional and community-based organizations. He has been the recipient of numerous accolades including the Novell-Levitz Student Retention Excellence Award, Omega Man of the Year Award, and Diversity Excellence Award, and Administrative-Professional of the Year Award. He has also won many bodybuilding contests including Mr. Ironman and Mr. Michigan.

About Glenn McIntosh