Motivation: Getting Yourself Back on Track

Sometimes, all we need is a little pep talk that will keep us motivated and get us back on track. We hope the following suggestions will do just that for you.

  1. Appreciate failure – Many people find failure a bit too daunting. For them, failing on something – whether it’s a simple goal or a grand task – is enough to keep them from moving another finger. For successful people, failure is a teacher. It was difficult and demoralizing while they were experiencing it. But in retrospect, there is always something that can be gained from failing.

  2. Don’t get used to failing, though – Bounce back every time you fail and refrain from doing the things that had caused you to fail before. You can use those experiences to build a string of success out of the few (or many) failures you’ve had.

  3. Always finish what you have started – Whether it’s a goal, a project, a book, a movie, a song, or a sentence…always finish what you start. Never quit on anything, no matter how insignificant it may be. Quitting is a bad habit that supports procrastination, and by extension, the extinguishment of motivation.

  4. Give yourself some incentives – Accomplishments should always be rewarded. These rewards can be anything from a 30-minute break from work or a one-week vacation in a tropical island. No matter how big or small your accomplishments are, always try to give yourself a reward. When you have something to work for or to look forward to, you spark the drive that is often dormant inside you.

  5. Write down your ideas – No matter how “stupid” or nonsensical your ideas may seem, they are still ideas and they can inspire you to think further. When you are lacking in motivation, the simple act of scribbling can trigger a part in your brain to be creative, driven, and imaginative.

  6. Be attuned with your emotions – Don’t be overwhelmed by negative emotions such as the feeling of hopelessness, defeat, or struggle. Try to channel your emotions to something more positive such as getting ahead with your work or finishing the task at hand.

  7. Define your motivation – What motivates you? A better life? An accomplished task? A sense of achievement? People have different definitions for motivation. Define yours. Then, begin working for it.

  8. Kick that avoidance attitude – A small percentage of people are allergic to doing something productive. They prefer to lie idle on the couch while killing their time over a movie marathon. That kind of existence is miserable. It lacks direction and definitely lacks that something that can make life a bit more exciting. Not that they have nothing better to do, but because they lack the drive to get moving on the things they need and must do. If you feel that you are leaning towards the avoidance attitude, immediately move yourself out of that rut.

  9. Connect with people – Living in isolation? It is becoming more common nowadays to lose connection with the rest of the world as work is shifting from office setting to home setting. While social networking sites are doing their best to make you feel connected, nothing still beats the good old fashioned face-to-face interaction. So go out, talk to your pals, connect with people and be inspired.


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