How to Go from Building a Dream to Celebrating Your Accomplishments

Motivation is intriguing stuff. Sometimes, you need big things - life events that have the power to turn you around - and sometimes, you only need those tiny motivators - a cute saying on a poster - to make you feel like you have to power to call your own shots. Here are some tips that will help you go from building a dream to celebrating your accomplishments:

Build a dream and fuel it. Big or small, it really doesn't matter, as long as you have a dream, a goal, an objective, something you can hold on to, something to work for...but it needs to be something good enough to get you started. Once you have identified what you want to achieve, hook yourself into it. Believe in it. Fuel it and keep the fire inside you burning for it. Give all you can for that dream to be achieved. Oftentimes, it is easy to bargain that dream for something less, like things that can immediately provide us with temporary gratification. Don't fall into that trap. Don't buy it at all.

Just get on with it. Don't feel like getting out of bed? Don't think this is the best time to start a new project? Don't feel ready yet? Shut these negative ideas out. Feel like you truly are ready for something. Realize that every day is just as good to start new things as any other day. Always make yourself feel ready about everything, even when it is so tempting to have a few minutes more of a nap. The beginning is always the most critical part. It is where hesitation, self-doubt and all those nasty ideas that hold you back comes in. But, refuse to listen to these negative thoughts. Instead, gain the momentum and get on with it. Start with simple things. Take the baby steps. It is easier to be continuously motivated when you know that you are achieving something. Afterwards, it is much easier to push yourself to finish the task or goal you are trying to pursue. Only then can you start to shoot for far larger stars.

Keep on believing. Life knows how to deal with us. It can sense whether we are hot or cold towards our dreams. When we are on fire, it throws experiences at us that will shake our beliefs in ourselves, in the dreams we are trying to pursue. When we are damp, it tries to mellow down to lessen the doubts we are feeling. It is when you are already near the achievement of your goal that you should be careful. Because it is during times like this that you will have to prove to life that you are truly serious about pursuing your dreams. In this critical moment, don't back down, no matter how strong the urge to forget about everything you have worked for. Keep a positive outlook.

Reward yourself. Motivation can be rewarded in many ways, on many occasions. Throughout your journey, you will have little successes, and then at the end, you have that one huge success. Whenever you overcome each of these successes, reward yourself. It is easy to keep on moving when you know that you are getting one step closer to realizing your dream.

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