What's Your Excuse?

Imagine what it would be like to live a life where you know you're capable of achieving anything. Imagine living a life where obstacles don't seem insurmountable--in fact, you view them as a life lesson that can help you grow as a person. And imagine living a life where you can look in the mirror and make the "choice" to throw away long-held mental excuses, learned cultural behaviors and family traditions, and instead make a commitment to the "action" of consistently working to get better, not worse.

Well, YOU CAN achieve what you imagine your life could be. Just acknowledge that the reason you are not accomplishing what you want in life is that you are just making excuses. Consider the following list and evaluate whether or not you have been using any of these excuses that people give for settling for less than their "A-game":

  1. Age - A mindset that age is a wall that prevents achievement.

  2. Knowledge - Education level currently possessed is viewed as insufficient.

  3. Low Self Esteem - A sense of unworthiness or victim mentality.

  4. Money - A belief that money is required before life changes can be made.

  5. Parenting Responsibilities - Choosing to over-play the parent role, or living vicariously through their children.

  6. Work Ethic - A desire to play before paying dues to reach their A-Game. Big dreams require relentless effort.

  7. Comfort - Unwillingness to deviate from a familiar, unchallenging, or dangerous place.

  8. Beliefs - Learned values, ethics and morals that often limit self-advancement.

  9. Fear - A mindset that constantly paralyzes action because of fear of success and failure.

I consider the nine reasons to be "common" excuses. These excuses may feel like real barriers, however, with some help, you will come to realize that these are only challenges on the road to reaching your A-Game.

So, what's your excuse for not approaching your life with the unbridled enthusiasm of someone who knows that they're a winner? Acknowledge it, aspire to great things, and achieve the life you have always imagined.

#achievement #excuses

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