Your A-Game: What Does That Mean?

StartFragmentOur last article was about excuses and evaluating whether or not you have been using any of the excuses that people give for settling for less than their "A-game." So what exactly do I mean by your "A-Game"? I have used this terminology in previous articles and you might have heard of this expression before in an athletic context, but your A-Game is about more than bringing your best to whatever it is that you do. It's about assessing your own life and giving yourself a letter grade that reflects how well you're approaching the various areas of your own life -- spirituality, health and fitness, appearance, relationships, career, even sex life.

Remember how great it was to receive an A grade while you were in school? it made you feel proud, didn't it? The A was an indication that you did the best you could do at your work--and it reflected on your assignment or test. The A was your teacher's way of acknowledging all of your hard work, and rewarding you for doing your best job at something that may have been challenging or difficult for you. Now think of that A as an indication on how well you're doing on your ultimate assignment: living your life. If you look in the mirror right now, and are brutally honest with yourself, what kind of grades would you give yourself in the areas previously mentioned? Would you give yourself a C? How about a B? Or would you give yourself an F for failing at living the kind of life that's meaningful, rich, and rewarding?

So are you ready to give yourself a better grade? I know that you are a winner and I'd like you to think of me as your own personal A-Game Coach. Through these newsletters, my book "It's Time to Bring Your A-Game," as well as workshops and one-on-one coaching, I'll continue to show you how to look directly in that mirror and say to yourself, "Yes, I'm giving myself an A. I've been doing the best I can in every part of my life, and my hard work shows it."


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