The 12 Facts of Life

Adopting a winning mindset involves accepting the things in life that are out of your control and choosing to take action on things that are within your control. Upon the unexpected death of my brother, I developed living creed titled, "The 12 Facts of Life". More often than not, these facts deal with toxic people, scenarios, and situations that drag you down from being the best that you can be. For example, if you find that you're constantly comparing yourself to others or getting involved in family dramas, you haven't yet accepted "The 12 Facts of Life." There will always be toxic dramas designed to distract you from achieving your best life. There will always be someone who is "prettier" or "smarter" than you. Accepting "The 12 Facts of Life" means you will never blame any person or incident as a reason for not holding yourself constantly accountable for achieving your goals.

In future articles, I will cover each of these in more depth, but until then, here's a snapshot of "The 12 Facts of Life." Read them over and over until you've memorized them--the sooner you accept "The 12 Facts of Life," the sooner you can let go of the shame, guilt, anger, and embarrassment that's keeping you from being your absolute best:

  1. Don't blame others for your feelings, emotions, experiences, and problems. In other words, stop "being" the victim. And, quit holding people hostage for their past actions.

  2. Don' expect others to rescue you, or give you the toys you want. Work to earn your own toys.

  3. You are not entitled to anything simply based on past hardships. People need a push, not a pacifier.

  4. Your mind, body, and spirit don't simply deteriorate with age. Lack of exercise in any of these areas causes deterioration.

  5. No one completes you. You are not incomplete. It sounds romantic, but it is a lie.

  6. No one wants to be fat, despite educational messages that tout "It's what's on the inside that counts."

  7. You have to make the decision as to whether you choose to be a contender or a pretender for the life, and look, you desire.

  8. Discipline will always be a key factor that determines your destiny.

  9. If you don't take persistent action toward your goals, don't expect them to happen.

  10. It is really true that, every day, you either get a little better or a little worse.

  11. You really do seal your fate by the choices you make.

  12. The way to stand out and have greater value from the common crowd is to be unique.

Accepting these can change your life. They can help you engage in your winning mindset and help you believe in your own strength to win, no matter how lofty the goal or obstacle in front of you might be.

If you'd like to learn more, buy my book "It's Time to Bring Your A Game", look for future articles over the coming year, or hire me to speak to your company or organization.

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