Focus is the Key!

Did you make a new year's resolution? Right now many are starting off the new year with the "hope" that they will accomplish something that they set out to because they feel that a fresh start is all that is necessary...but is it though?

So what sets those who successfully achieve their goals from those who don't?

It seems like some people just understand how to achieve everything they want from their lives. And while might make you think that they're particularly lucky or more blessed than others, it's really just because they maintain a sharp focus on the things they want from life--and they rarely, if ever, lose sight of it. Think about the last time you truly wanted something. Didn't the sense of focus make you feel energized? Didn't it give you the motivation you needed to surmount the impossible obstacles that were placed in your path?

After I was injured on the football field, I wanted more than anything to be able to use my knee again. While doctors advised me that athletics were out of the question, I wasn't going to take no for an answer. I attended physical therapy sessions each and every day in the hopes of gently strengthening my knee to the point where I could support my own weight. I stretched it. I nurtured it. I put all of my time, care, and attention into healing my knee, even when I felt exhausted, angry, or depressed at the curveball life had thrown my way.

I short, I was so intently focused on healing my knee that I didn't even consider the possibility that I wouldn't get better. In fact, I wouldn't accept it. When it came to healing my knee, it was my way or the highway. As a counselor, I see plenty of clients who lose focus of the things they want most from their lives. When we're busy running from meeting to meeting and looking after our families, It's easy to see why many of us tend to lose sight of the Big Picture. We think to ourselves, "I'll just deal with it tomorrow," or "I'm sure I'll get to it eventually."

But when we think that way, "eventually" never seems to come around. Fast-forward just a few years later, and we're wondering how we managed to coast through our lives without truly living it. That's where focus comes into play. When we're focused on what we want to accomplish, and we want that goal with every fiber of our being, it's no longer an option to "fly" through life.

If you're going to accomplish your new year's resolutions, you must be relentlessly focused on reaching those goals. Write them down. Ask others for help. Develop the self-talk to remind yourself of what you want to accomplish and why. Suddenly you will find yourself actively engaged in your life. You will discover that time doesn't really fly by--that every hour, every minute, every second is an opportunity to take another step closer toward the things that truly matter to us.

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