Negative Dialogue Must Go!

Everyone, and I mean everyone, suffers from negative self-talk at some point in their lives. You know what I'm talking about here: the kind of inner dialogue that fills you with doubt, fear, and anxiety. However, there's a difference between suffering from and rising above an occasional bout of negative dialogue...and being so crippled by it that it has paralyzed you from achieving your life's maximum potential.

Negative self-talk can range from mildly undermining to downright toxic. I'll show you a few examples so you can see just how damaging a negative internal dialogue can be:

  • "I'll never fit into a smaller dress size. I don't know why I even bother trying."

  • "Why don't I ever have enough money in my bank account? As soon as I get any, it's gone in a flash. I'll always be poor."

  • "That other job interview candidate will likely be much more accomplished than I am. I might as well cancel the interview now and save myself the embarrassment."

  • "Why should I bother to go out on dates? I only attract losers."

  • "I'll go ahead and let someone else serve as chairperson on this project; I just don't think I'm capable enough to lead it."

See how this negative self-talk can range from mildly pervasive to toxic and harmful?

No matter what kind of negative inner dialogue you're grappling with, any form of self-doubt, fear, anxiety, and anger is crippling your A-game. If you want to put an end to the negativity and start feeling better about yourself, and achieving a winning mindset, you have to actively and consciously put an end to the damaging internal dialogue.

When I'm working with a client who seems to be in the grips of a particularly toxic bout of negative inner dialogue, I'll have the person consciously refute the internal critique and list past achievements. I'll tell them that it's like being a lawyer in a court case--for every accusation that's thrown your way, you must provide evidence to the contrary.

When presented with the evidence of achievement, your negative internal dialogue doesn't stand a chance. Providing evidence that directly contrasts with any negative internal dialogue is a highly effective way to put an end to the self-hate and will allow you to spin that former negative dialogue into positive and pumped-up thoughts.

So how is your inner dialogue? Is it negative and toxic, or positive and uplifting? Once you change your dialogue you will be on your way to creating a mental zone that is brimming with positivity and potential.



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