Raising Your Relationship Game

Relationships are important...but there's no such thing as someone who completes you! If you need to stop and re-read that, please do so before continuing with the rest of this week's article. Not only do I not believe that there's someone who completes you, but I also don't believe in the notion of soul mates. We are infinite beings who are capable of so much on our own--believing that we're not complete without someone else undermines this incredible energy potential that's buzzing through our bodies. However, that doesn't mean that our lives aren't enriched by special people who leave indelible footprints on our minds, hearts, and emotions.

Relationships are crucial to living a happy and healthy life. As human beings, we were meant to be social creatures surrounded by our fellow man; in fact, there's a wealth of research that supports the idea that the more friends and family members you have, the longer you live. We feel happy and relaxed when we're with like-minded people who understand us and share (or at least respect) our beliefs.

When it comes down to it, no relationship will ever be as important as the one you share with your spouse or significant other. You share many things with that special person in your life; from bills and responsibilities to laughter and tearful moments. While you know that you're perfectly complete without the presence of a significant other, there's no denying that keeping this relationship happy and strong is crucial to your happiness. Think about the last time you got in a fight with your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend: how did it make you feel? Did you find yourself getting more stressed or depressed the longer you had the fight? Was it difficult to focus on the other aspects of your life while you were fighting with your loved one?

That's exactly why investing in your closest relationship is so important to raising your A-Game. Our lives can be much richer and rewarding when we share them with the people we love--and when we nurture these relationships in a healthy manner, we will grow as a result. Other people aren't just important to our emotional, mental, and physical well-being; they can also be a barrier preventing us from achieving our absolute best lives. Whether they do it out of a place of fear or love--or perhaps both--there's no denying that other people can have a profound influence on the paths our lives take.

So take a moment today and evaluate your relationships. Do you have people in your life who can help you achieve your A-Game, or are you in some toxic relationships that need immediate attention? If you're considering new relationships, be sure to identify the type of people who can help you grow into your very best "you" possible, and surround yourself with them. You will then be happier, healthier, and on your way to achieving your A-Game!


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