Do You Need to Fire a Friend?

I can pretty much guarantee that everyone's been in a relationship where the other person's attitude just drained your spirit right out of you. Perhaps they were extremely negative, or maybe they just found every opportunity to complain despite all of their many blessings. Whatever the case may be, if you have a person in your life with a poor attitude, it can be tough to develop your own winning mindset.

I like to think of this from the perspective of a work team. Imagine yourself sitting around the conference table with your closest work colleagues or organization members. The majority of you are talking about a new idea that could possibly change the way you and your company or organization does business. You're fired up. You're thrilled. You feel yourself becoming more and more invigorated by the idea as time passes by.

But there's one member of the team who's just not buying it. For every great suggestion you put out there, he shoots it down with an annoying remark or a negative observation: "You can't do it." "You're not capable of it." "It's too risky." Have you felt the energy drain out of the room yet?

If this has happened to you in a work setting before, then you know just how debilitating it is to be in the presence of someone with an awful attitude. Soon, you stop making suggestions or taking chances with your ideas because you know you're going to get shot down. After all, why bother putting yourself through the embarrassment if you already know what the outcome's going to be? Now picture that same scenario happening every day, but in a personal relationship.

A healthy relationship needs to operate like a work team--and if you won't tolerate a sub-par team member, then you shouldn't tolerate a sub-par friendship. If your friend is making you do all the work--and shooting down your efforts at the same time--then you need to fire your friend and hire someone who has an enthusiastic and can-do attitude.


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