Raising Your Fitness Game

Have you been busy buying chocolates and flowers to show your love and appreciation to those who are special to you on this Valentine's Day? Stop for a moment and think about this: Am I showing love and appreciation for my own body so that I can live a long, healthy life with those who are important to me? Or, have you given up because you feel that it is impossible to reach the "unrealistic" goals you think you have for yourself?

Every time I head to my local grocery store, I'm always met with the same magazine covers in the checkout aisle:

Get a Celebrity Bikini Body!

How to Lose Ten Pounds in a Week!

Get Ripped Abs This Summer!

I know weight loss sells-and I know that quick-fix weight loss sells even more. Perhaps that's why weight loss supplements, juice cleanses, and other weight loss miracle diets command billions of dollars from consumers each year. People are desperate to slim down and rock their "Celebrity Bikini Body." They want the ripped abs they see on the cover of Men's Health. They want to look as good as Halle Berry or Jennifer Aniston in a strapless mini dress.

But here's the thing: molding your diet and fitness regimen after a Hollywood starlet or action star is a recipe for disaster. Want to know why?

  • Celebrities are paid to look the way they do; in fact, it's their job to work out and eat right. That's why they can afford to work out for four hours a day-something that us "normal" people can't exactly do.

  • Celebrities can afford to work with the best personal trainers and have their meals cooked for them by exceptional chefs.

  • Celebrities often achieve their beach bodies through means other than a healthy diet and exercise. From not-so-innocent diets of coffee and cigarettes to lethal drug use, even cosmetic surgery, many of Hollywood's brightest stars are slowly killing themselves just to fit into a certain clothing size.

As you can see, celebrities operate in a totally different world than we do. They can obsess over their own bodies because they get paid millions of dollars to do so. And unless you have a trust fund and plenty of time on your hands, following a celebrity diet and fitness regimen just isn't going to work.

Don't be discouraged! My point of this week's article is not to make you think that a healthy weight and lifestyle are out of reach or just for the rich and famous. It is quite the opposite.

My objective is to help you understand that when you set goals for yourself with the expectation that it is going to be quick and easy, you are sabotaging your efforts to get to the healthy weight and lifestyle that you are dreaming of.

Stop reading about the latest fad diets. Set achievable goals. Take it one day at a time. Keep reading this weekly newsletter and other resources that will encourage you to accomplish more in your life. Once you begin to make small healthy decisions on a daily basis, you will be well on your way to achieving your goals and dreams and celebrating those accomplishments with those you love!


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