Are You Looking at the Bigger Picture?

I've found that people who have optimized their winning mindset are often those who believe in the Bigger Picture of the life they are striving to achieve.

Without the Bigger Picture, we're more susceptible to the daily influences and judgments that try to label us and stuff us in a limiting box. When we define ourselves by our jobs and relationships, we begin to lose sight of the truly wonderful potential each and every one of us has within ourselves. We realize that personal dramas don't matter. We accept that we are capable of making mistakes-and when we do, it's not the end of the world. So here are my 3 steps to achieving your own winning mindset by looking at the Bigger Picture:

Accept the fact that you will make bad decisions, mistakes, and missteps. As a spiritual being, I embrace the fact that God didn't make us perfect; after all, the Bible itself tells us that we all fall short of earning entry into God's kingdom. With that in mind, it becomes obvious that we should expect to earn a few bumps and bruises on the path we call life-and if we do, we don't have to punish ourselves for it. Instead, we can pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get right back on track with the knowledge that while we may not be perfect, we're perfectly capable of moving on from our past mistakes. After all, if the Highest Being in the universe doesn't expect us to be perfect-and continues to love us regardless-then why should you continue to burden yourself with shame, embarrassment and guilt over past mistakes?

Let go of your past. No matter how much you think it played a role in forming the person you are today, it's the next step to achieve a winning mindset, and I might add, the most difficult step. Many people are unable to move forward in life because they are living in their past. They limit their own future by the mistakes they have made or the type of person they think they are based on past experiences.

Derive meaning from your past experiences. Every good or bad experience has a lesson attached to it. I challenge you to write down the life lessons you've learned that have helped you become a better person. Sometimes it takes seeing it on paper to realize just how much we can be influenced by our past-and how past experiences can keep us emotionally and mentally limited or paralyzed.

I believe that once you accept the fact that you will make mistakes, when you let go of your past, and you derived meaning from both good and bad experiences, you'll be well on your way to living life with Bigger Picture thinking. You'll be able to look at your life with a winning mindset and have the Big Picture vision to see all the great things you are capable of achieving.


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