Are You a Worrier or a Warrior?

My question for you in this week's article is this: Are you falling backward or moving forward? Are you living each day for better or for the worse? Are you in a Worrier mindset or a Warrior mindset? If you're falling backward or living each day for the worse, you're likely spending a lot of your time worrying (Worrier mindset). If you're moving forward or living each day for the better, you're likely using your time preparing yourself to face life's challenges head-on (Warrior mindset).

See, I believe that nothing just happens. Everything is divinely ordered. I believe there is a reason for every season-winter, spring, summer and fall; That we were divinely scheduled to be where we are in life, who we meet, where we live, where we work. I believe that you're reading this article because you want to shake and awake the Warrior in you, and to defeat the Worrier in you. Well, I'm here to challenge you to accomplish that goal.

I spoke at a church recently on a verse in Revelation that says, "I know your works. See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it...". This is a passage that says to me "Warriors, move forward! Don't get sidetracked by distractions. Don't be a Worrier!" We have an open door that no one can shut, so why spend the time worrying. This reminds me of abeautiful phrase that you may have heard of..."Hakuba Matada". It's from the Disney film, The Lion King. It's Swahili and means, "no worries."

How do I live a worry-free life? All you have to do is come into "congruence," where your ideology, theology, language, and behavior are all going in the same direction...they are all in agreement.

  • Your ideology is what you think,

  • Your theology is your spiritual base,

  • Your language is your inner voice leading you to speak into the Universe,

  • Your behavior is what you do.

The "open door" is just a metaphor for endless possibilities, so when your ideology, theology, language and behavior are in congruence, you'll have the privilege and the power to go through it; you'll know that the door is already open, because it's your time! Just step through the door!

You're Pre-Approved. Every now and again, I get in the mail an envelope with a letter addressed to me that says, "You are pre-approved." Whatever the offer is, whether a credit card, loan, or membership, I already have the qualifications necessary for that offer. All I have to do is accept it! In life, you have an open're already pre-approved...You have infinite possibilities. Regardless of your past or what people do or say, it's your time, so make your life a magnificent masterpiece!

So from this day forward, are you ready to live by the Star Trek and Coach Mac pledge? If so, repeat after me: "I will boldly go, where I have never gone before, I will Stand Up, I will Stand Out, I will Stand Above. I'm a Warrior!"


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