You Are Cleared for Takeoff!

I recently flew into Chicago's O'Hara Airport on business. I arrived in Chicago at 6:30 am on a red-eye flight. After taking care of business and rushing back to O'Hare Airport to make a 4:25 p.m. flight back to Detroit, I found out that my flight had been delayed for 50 minutes. No problem, I thought, it's not cancelled just delayed. Because of the weather, they needed some extra time to clear the runway. I patiently waited and the 50 minute delay turned into 2 hours, then 2 hours turned into 4 hours. I was starting to think that my flight would be cancelled. Then around 9 o'clock, a voice comes over the PA system saying that Flight 7773 has been cleared for take-off. A short time later, we were accelerating down the runway, through the clouds, and cruising high above all the bad weather below.

Why do I tell this story? Because many people I talk to think that they're stuck where they are in life. They feel that there are unsurmountable obstacles that will prevent them from ever "taking off." If we're honest, we've all felt at one time or another as though we'd never reach our goals or our dreams. We start to think that our "flight has been cancelled".

In our previous article, we talked about being a Warrior and not a Worrier. I believe a pilot can't be a worrier...he has to be courageous. He can't just sit at the gate and worry about the bad weather going on. He has to be able to look at the capabilities of his aircraft, consult the flight crew and tower, and perform the tasks necessary to safely get the plane up and over the bad weather and on to its destination.

As much as we all love clear skies, warm temperatures, and sunshine, we are all going to face dark clouds and stormy weather. We're all going to face obstacles...sickness, financial limitations and set-backs, death of a loved one, or criticism from both friends and foes. Yes, some of these obstacles may delay our plans, but we cannot let them keep us mired in failure, mediocrity, and discontent. We need to have a courageous and positive mindset that will allow us to take the steps necessary to be successful in our personal and business lives.

So what are the obstacles in your life that are keeping you from soaring? Take a few moments to consider some of the thoughts, actions, behaviors, and habits that are getting in your way of success. Once you recognize what those obstacles are, you can clear the path from those things that would prevent you from moving forward.

My goal for this week's article is for you to realize that now is the right time for you to courageously get up, to courageously walk, then to courageously fly. Because it's your time! You are cleared for takeoff!

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