From a Cross to a Crown!

I believe every one of us has a cross to bear. At some age or stage. Your addiction or affliction results in what I call a cross bearing experience.

Isn't it funny how life comes to us in pieces. Like a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle. And, it takes us a lifetime to come close to putting the pieces together. Throughout the puzzling experience, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't!

My life has been one filled with amazing moments. I was an overweight child who got bullied, teased, picked on and never picked for the in crowd. On top of being Fat Glenn, I had a speech challenge, a stuttering issue that landed me in special education classes. As a Fat Boy who stumbled over words, you can imagine that I had an inner battle going on. A battle to keep going back to the place where teasing, rejection, and ridicule occurred. Have you ever been rejected? Left out? Let down? When all you wanted was to get in, to fit in, to blend in?

But, I engaged in secret suffering!

Thinking back on my life, I was blessed to have older parents. By the time I was 6 they were experiencing health problems. I thought they died way too soon in my life. In fact, my dad and mom died two years apart on the same date! The last decade of my mom's life she couldn't walk. In fact, my wife never saw my mom walk! But, my momma taught me lessons for living while I sat at her bed side.

I remember the last few days of her life, one late evening Mama was sitting on the edge of the bed. I could tell she was very disappointed, depressed, about life, and her health. She knew the chances of her getting better were not good. She started crying. I said, mama, you okay. She said, "mama will be okay." I went in the dining room of our small house. But, I kept thinking about mama, see I am an admitted, mama's boy. Minutes later, from her room, I heard mama humming and softly speaking words to a song. I peeked my head in the door, and saw mama shaking her head, humming and softly speaking the words of the song, "Father I stretch my hands to thee, no other help I know. If thou withdraw Thyself from me. Ah! Whither shall I go?" She paused and said, Glenn, don't ever forget these words, and know that you are just as good as anybody else.

Mama said, "Father God, I know you gonna make everything alright. I'm next in line for a blessing". I'm speaking to somebody directly, whatever cross you find yourself bearing, whatever addiction, whatever affliction you battling. Just know, if you can humble yourself to stretch your hands out, God will work it out for you. You are next in line for a blessing.

See, my story, is that I went from fat to fit to being crowned Mr. Michigan. From being challenged by speech, to become a speaker. I'm also a Vice President at a major university, where nearly all my time is spent speaking.I've had a life filled with missteps, mistakes and being a misfit, but always on a mission. I'm not trying to impress you, but I am trying to impress upon you to take up your cross and move toward your crown. Cause there is a queen or king in each one of you.

So how are you going to face the challenges in life? You can either engage in "Secret Suffering" or you can realize that you can be "next in line for a blessing."

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