You Need to Make a Conscious Choice

What do you think when you see someone who has achieved a prestigious award for an amazing accomplishment? Do you think they were born with special talents or skills that allowed them to be better than all their competitors? We all acknowledge that the person had to put time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears to become who they are...yet when we look at our own lives, we think things like "I'm just not very talented" or "I'll never be as good as that person." Well, I'm here to tell you that you need to make a conscious choice to become what you want to be!

In my book "It's Time to Bring Your A-Game," I tell my story about my life growing up in the City of Detroit. I was a quiet child who was tormented by my peers for my weight (a direct result from having a mother who knew her way around the kitchen). While my classmates teased me about my hefty weight, I smiled, kept my head down, and worked on being the best I could be. I was never the smartest, toughest, biggest, fastest, or strongest guy on my block, in school, or on my sports teams, but these experiences lit a fire in my belly that made me want to excel in school and sports. I developed the mental stamina, spiritual energy, and the ability to maintain the kind of mindset that allowed me to take advantage of the opportunities that came my way.

Exercising and good nutrition have been keys to obtaining the mindset, energy, focus, and appearance I felt necessary to consistently pursue my life passions and goals. From my very humbling childhood, shattered hopes of rising to professional ranks of the NFL, to the experience of being announced the winner of multiple bodybuilding titles, every step of the way has been challenging, yet very fulfilling. It really is true that we learn from both positive and negative life experiences. We also learn from healthy and unhealthy people.

Over the years, I came to believe that mental, spiritual, and physical deterioration is not merely a consequence of the aging process. Instead, for most people, deterioration is a "choice", most often, of a passive nature, by virtue of doing "nothing" to improve you.

And you know what? As soon as you start making the conscious "choice" to bring your A-Game, you'll find that life's biggest obstacles suddenly melt in your path. You're no longer miserable. You're no longer saddled by shame, embarrassment, misery, or the judgement of other people. You won't spend all of your time wondering what your life would be like if you were someone else. In short, you can live a life that's only possible once you bring your A-Game.


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