How Does Confidence Relate to Success?

"Whoever has confidence in himself will gain the confidence of others."

This is one of the most famous quotes in history about the concept of confidence that still rings absolutely true. This signature to Rabbi Leib Lazarow is absolutely key to making money, making friends, and also knowing that you are not defined in life by your mistakes, but rather by your successes.

Have you ever noticed that most of us define ourselves by our biggest failures in life? That's got to stop right now! It is time to realize, as the great Tony Robbins says, that "your past does not equal your future."

Define yourself by your most successful moments, without being too arrogant, and you will carve out for yourself a personality that others will see as a solid rock of security and trust.

On the other hand if you define yourself by your worst moments, your self-confidence will drop into the depths of despair and it will show in all of your interactions and how you deal with the world.

Self-confidence is also about growing tall. It is about "towering over your problems" and not being at the mercy of them.

Part of self-confidence is having an opinion of yourself that is high enough to step over obstacles, especially the ones that we create with our own minds. These obstacles are usually shame or regret based and appear as barriers to success. They are usually products of the past and have very little to do with what we are capable of in actual reality once we develop the confidence to overcome them.

Another part of being confident is shrinking these barriers so they become like little garden fences that you merely have to hop over to get to the next place in life that you have to go.

Without self-confidence you stagnate. If you cannot "sell yourself to yourself" you cannot do the same with others.

And what others have done for themselves to succeed, thrive, and be the best, you can also do for you.

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