Push Forcefully: Be a Disruptor!

There's an old adage by an unknown source that reads, "The door of opportunity won't open unless you do some pushing."

I'm sure you've heard this saying before. It's often used as the baseline in speeches, the theme at events, and the content for motivational posters.

It's one of the most commonly repeated yet under-practiced quotes in our culture. Most people don't mind pushing the door, as long as they don't have to push too hard!

As graceful and pretty as these words are, the truth is that exercising them requires action that is far from easy. Those who push doors hard enough to reap the greatest opportunities work extra hours at the office when others have gone home and when they have the option to leave as well. Forceful door pushers devote the added time even though they might not receive increased pay. They take on the projects that no one else wants or complete tasks simply because they see that something needs to be done, not because they are asked to or it's their job to. When you are provided with a door of opportunity, how hard do you push?

People who have vigorously pushed doors open are trailblazers. While earning that title, they undoubtedly had to take on another role that few people want to assume - disruptor!

A disruptor is an innovator. This type of leader doesn't mind departing from or uprooting ineffective practices and initiating change while others are stuck in the comfort of tradition and familiarity. These concepts, "tradition" and "familiarity", are dangerous when they yield counter productivity, complacency, stagnation, and fruitlessness. It's important to know when to break away and push harder than you ever have before. When you recognize dormancy in your life, how likely are you to disrupt tradition and familiarity by trying something new?

An easier alternative is to settle, but doing so comes with a hefty price tag in the long run.

Why not accept the challenge now of becoming a spirited, relentless door pusher who disrupts unsuccessful customs?

Maybe you want to get a promotion at work, start your own company, or make personal life changes. Whatever your aim is, what's going on in your life that's keeping you away from the results you wish to see? Look for the doors that are already accessible to you, but you've neglected to push them hard enough. Place yourself on a path with people, methods, and resources that support your growth, not impede it.

The magnitude of your push, as well as the extent of your disruption, determines your capacity to obtain every opportunity that is meant for you to have!

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