"Step Out the Boat" - Overcoming the Fear of the Unknown

How solid is your faith and trust? Is fear causing you to avoid making the choices necessary to be successful?

Regardless of your religious or spiritual practices, you've probably heard the story of Peter and the other disciples who were at sea on a boat that was being flung by waves and uncompromising winds. Despite witnessing the power of Jesus Himself walking across the chaotic water to save them, they were still fearful and doubtful. Jesus called out to Peter and asked him to get off the boat and walk to Him. Peter responded and found himself walking on the water, but soon lost his positive focus. Although this is a parable, it addresses a common human tendency, showing how quickly most people depart from their faith and trust when tested.

Many people who enjoy happy, productive lives assign themselves fully to their Higher Power, whom they believe is strong enough to transform any situation. These individuals are able to sail with an unwavering spirit of confidence, peace, and devotion. And when they are put to a test, they use the power instilled in them to "step out the boat", walk across the water, and keep thriving!

On the other hand, there are others who seem to navigate farther away from their desired lives. They continuously drift in vessels that will never get them through violent waves, aggressive winds, or other conditions which obstruct their ability to see clear skies and calm waters. Having lost sight of their Divine Being's authority and ability to help them walk across unstable seas, they forego the abundance they were destined to gain. Weakened faith causes people to waste time.

If you are in a boat that hasn't taken you where you deserve to be, it's time to get off! It is crucial for you to clutch your faith and trust while immediately "stepping out the boat"!

Not sure you can do it? Pull from your track record of past successes the evidence of your ability to overcome the fear of the unknown. Once you examine the evidence, you'll discover that you really can walk on water! You've done it before.

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