The Adversity Advantage!


A few days ago, I was thinking about the very powerful quote by renowned speaker and writer, William A. Ward:

"Adversity causes some to break, others to break records."

Adversity is absolute for all of us; there's no way around it. In the midst of your hardships, do you respond as someone who is broken or someone who is a record breaker?

Ward's quote reminds me of diamonds and their developmental process. Before they become the priceless, sparkly treasures that we see in jewelry stores, they go through a long process involving high temperatures and heavy pressure. The same is true of some people who, one way or another, manage to soar and shine in spite of devastating experiences. Do you know anyone like this? If so, take careful notes! These individuals offer great lessons on learning how to break records.

Becoming a record breaker starts with a desire to win in the face of adversity, not simply to persevere through it. Then, you must develop a written strategy for handling adversity! Your plan of development should rest on a solid foundation.

The first step in establishing this base is accepting that the best predictor of your future performance is an understanding of your past challenging experiences. This requires you to reflect on adverse life moments and make a written list of the internal self-talk messages that built up your faith and self-confidence to accelerate beyond those instances.

The next step is to make another written list of external resources you used for support. This outline could include people, books, songs, films, places, or other channels of encouragement and skill-building.

These two lists are to be used jointly as a tool for prevailing during future adverse times. It will allow you to quickly gather the right messages and resources to always be a record breaker.

You will rise to immeasurable heights with a solid plan rooted in the perspective that, regardless of your adversities, you are never a broken person. Instead, you are a diamond, even during rough times, and you're capable of record-breaking achievements!



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