Are You Allowing Procrastination to Sabotage Your Goals?


The hot, sunny summer days are here!

Does that mean it's time to relax and play? Sure, if you have made the decision to delay your personal and professional goals.

I'm not saying that relaxation and play are bad things...but, unfortunately, I have found that the summer months can be a dream-killing time for a lot of people. It's a major stretch of time to procrastinate.

Yes, it is human nature to procrastinate. In fact, evolutionary biologists say that may be hardwired into our DNA because as animals we are hunter-gatherers and grazers. This means that procrastination, or idling over something, actually activates our pleasure centers.

What are some examples of procrastination activities...

Time Killers

Common examples of procrastination include window-shopping and browsing Facebook or You Tube. Watching television is another time killer, as is having anxiety about the future.

Worry and Despair

Some people get addicted to despair and use worrying as a form of procrastination. Worry is the drug that gets their adrenalin going in the morning. Then they can't stop the cyclic thoughts of anxiety and anticipation that prevent them from being efficient.


Obsessive, go nowhere relationships with people that contribute nothing to helping you advance our goals, spending time directing jealousy or resentment at people who have hurt us in the past also count as procrastination activities. You can hate all you want but this will not help you get ahead in life faster. All of the wishing that things were more fair will not make it so.

Remember, you can't change other can only change yourself! Blame is a time wasting game. All of the clichés are right when it comes to the subject of procrastination including the one that goes "your past does not equal your future."

So in a way you can say that successful time management is not just about taming your brain - it can also be about training your emotions. Do not go through your day ruled by your feelings. Once it starts, it snowballs and as each minute, hour, and day goes by, it becomes harder to get back on track.

Here's my challenge that will help you combat procrastination:

Starting tonight and continuing each night this week, take some time an hour before bedtime to write out the three main things you want to achieve tomorrow that advance your personal and professional goals. This will allow you to awake with a focus to be intentionally productive. Try it! It works!!


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