Do You Have a Mindset of Royalty or Inferiority

James Baldwin, acclaimed writer and prominent civil rights leader, once said, "Your 'crown' has been bought and paid for. All you have to do is put it on your head."

What an enlightening perspective!

I view Baldwin's statement as an invitation to enter into a positive mindset with an elevated self-perception. Perceiving yourself as wearing a crown, places you in the position of royalty--a queen or king! Such a stance is very powerful on the journey to fulfill your purpose and accomplish your goals.

In actuality, not many individuals hold themselves in such high regard. Most people are quicker to discount themselves, which results from a fixation on their weaknesses, or past negative experiences. It is nearly impossible to receive royal treatment and majestic advantages while stuck in a mindset of inferiority. Do you have a mindset of royalty or inferiority?

Determining which mindset you have is evidenced in your routine behavioral pattern. An inferiority mindset is characterized by a toxic-filled lifestyle that breaks down your royal qualities. Examples of this would include irresponsible eating; excessive consumption of alcohol; befriending counterproductive people; frequenting dysfunctional places; or managing time carelessly.

Renowned physician and neurophysiologist, Dr. John C. Lilly, developed a series of questions to assess and change problematic behavior. Four of the questions from his list are included below, and I encourage you to spend time writing down your response to each one.

  1. What do I gain from participating in this behavior or practice?

  2. What relationships do I have with other people who either promote or discourage my engagement in this behavior or practice? What value do those relationships have in my life?

  3. What is my state of mind during and after I engage in this behavior or practice? Where does the behavior lead me?

  4. What do I have to eliminate in order to stop the behavior, and who are the people that I need to let go of in order to stop?

You will find that this exercise will stimulate meaningful self-dialogue and that the questions are applicable to any personal or professional struggle. The benefit of completing this important exercise is that the answers you provide for the final question will become your blueprint for ending the behavior that compromises your crown!

My challenge for you this week is this: Examine any toxic personal or professional behavior that is preventing you from thinking and functioning as a person of royal value. Once you identify these behaviors and take the steps necessary to eliminate them, you will become a person with a mindset of royalty who can produce immeasurable achievements.

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