Your Independence Day is Here!

The Fourth of July extended weekend is finally here! Annually, this special day ranks among the highpoints of every summer. We get to watch breath-taking fireworks, participate in barbeque gatherings with family and friends, or just take the time to simply rest and relax.

The significance of July 4th is that on this date in 1776 the signing of the Declaration of Independence occurred. This document, signed by John Hancock and 55 other men, changed of the course of the world. It justified the breakaway of the colonies from England, the mother country, to become an independent nation, the United States of America!

In my mind, Independence Day is not only about the United States becoming a country, it is a recognition and celebration of our individual right to the pursuit of happiness. Now, you must ask yourself the question: "Do I live life in hot pursuit of my happiness?"

So many people are not constantly "on fire" in their efforts to pursue their happiness. Sure, they make periodic efforts, but many of these efforts are like a firework blast--it has an amazing site and sound, but quickly goes away. The start and stops in their lives are mind-boggling. Even people with good intentions still fizzle out.

How do we get off this rollercoaster ride?

Well, in their pursuit of happiness, so many people overlook their meaning and instinct - two crucial triggers of happiness. I considermeaning to be your life's purpose while your instinct, a natural intuition, skill or gift, is your guide to fulfilling your purpose.

When you don't live meaningfully and instinctively, then your concept of happiness becomes twisted. People who never develop this realization tend to associate happiness with mere possessions or perceived success symbols, such as a new house, a salary increase, a fashionable wardrobe, a college degree, or a weight loss victory. They wait for years, or maybe even a lifetime, to reach their idea of happiness only to find themselves in a recurring state of discontent.

Happiness is not something that you have to wait for. It's a mindset that exists regardless of what you have or where you are in terms of achievement.

I am not dismissing the reality that life sometimes brings us taxing situations. My belief is that happiness is ingrained in us and cannot be turned off during the testing stages of our lives. Instead, it is strengthened by positive life choices and practices. Such customs stem from our meaning and instinct, and they inspire us to defeat rather than be defeated.

My challenge for you this week:

Find your happiness triggers! Your responses to the following two questions will lead to clues.

  1. What is your meaning, or life's purpose?

  2. What are some of your intuitive qualities, skills, or talents?

How can you take action that creates harmony among your responses to the above questions?

I hope this week's challenge will remind you that you don't need to seek happiness externally because it is already inside of you! And, your happiness triggers are a merger of your life's purpose and instinctive qualities and skills.

Today is the day to celebrate your declaration of independence from an ordinary one that is extraordinary!

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