Living an Obsessively Success-Focused Life

Are you obsessed with your own personal success? Or do you find yourself caught up in other things in life that don't really matter?

Last week, I noticed a storm of media attention over a new video game known as Pokémon Go. Basically, it involves gamers fervently chasing a fictional character. Highly addictive, the game is being blamed for becoming a major distraction to people--even to the extent that they are walking into things and injuring themselves.

I find it bewildering that so many people will risk their safety, and their lives, by becoming so engrossed in recreational activity. What if our personal desired life vision ignited the vigor that's often sparked by some of these more frivolous things?

The idle usage of time over vision is an alarming societal crisis.Underachievement due to overindulgence in meaningless activity is common in schools, workplaces, churches, governments, and other areas of our society. I see the distressing effect daily.

Any person who has reached sweeping success will tell you that at some point, they had to decrease, or altogether eliminate, their participation in things that didn't coincide with their vision. Likewise, it is crucial to your own personal success that you learn to focus your energy on what's conducive to your advancement.

In his book, Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, Stephen Covey addresses the topic of time management. He writes that the key to success is concentrating on "highly important, but non-urgent issues" across an individual's various life roles. Non-urgent means the issue, while important, is not a time-sensitive or crisis matter. An overwhelming majority of people categorize their personal life goals as "highly important, but non-urgent". However, their daily routine is centered on exhausting issues or tasks that don't advance their life vision.

So, I urge you to move your personal goals to the "highly important and urgent" category. My rationale is that your personal goals should be time-sensitive! You should feel a heightened sense of urgency to create a better life. This will require you to intentionally devote daily time toward taking action to advance them!

My challenge for you this week:

  1. Position your mind to be obsessively focused on your desired life vision and the necessary goals to be accomplished to make your dream reality. As a constant visual aide, write your desired life vision and goals on a business card-sized piece of paper. Make copies and place them everywhere you routinely sit, including your bathroom and car dashboard!

  2. Devote a minimum of three hours a day to advancing your goals. That's 90 hours a month or 1,176 hours a year! That's plenty of time to transform your life into more. Keep a time log to serve as proof of your commitment to self.

I believe that once you focus on your own personal success, you will actually have more fun--and fulfillment--than by living your life obsessed with an augmented reality game!

**If you have a high commitment level to achieving success, contact me regarding my 8/8/8 lifestyle management system. Once implemented, you will have a totally new perspective and approach to time management, gaining faith in your ability to direct every course of your life in the future.


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