Go For Your Gold Medal!

Since the 2016 Olympics began, I have been absorbed by the incredible talent of the various athletes competing in the games. More fascinating than the official results of the events determining who receives the bronze, silver or gold medals, are the athlete's personal journey to the Olympics! Their stories, while distinct, all involve overcoming obstacles that would make most people give up their dream of achieving something huge. The Olympians have a mindset of passion and purpose that propel them to train for years, day in and day out, to gain maximum capacity to reach their goal of being part of the best of the best--being an Olympian.

Imagine adopting an Olympian's approach to living your life. The day in andday out actions necessary to reach your elite status would require self-loyalty, focus and stamina. It also would require breaking away from your comfort zone. Consequently, you would need to embrace difficulty and discomfort as contributors to your performance and productivity.

Comfort zones have a place in your life, but you shouldn't stay in them. Staying in them leads to mental stagnation, which will affect your long term success and creativity. If you want to be successful, get uncomfortable!

Here is a major comfort zone busting experiment that should get your juices flowing: Do something you don't think you can do!

There's very little that energizes people more than an achievement. The more difficult the achievement, the more inspired you'll be. So why not try to get that feeling every day?

My challenge for you this week:

  1. Pick something you think is impossible, something that will require you to venture far outside your comfort zone. When you first thought about that task, whatever it is, you thought you could not do it. It could be something that you have used excuses (i.e. being too old, not having enough resources, or family obligations) to avoid making a relentless commitment to achieving.

  2. Identify two things you must do daily to advance your choice, then select the daily time you will do these two things.

  3. Choose a weekly reward to give yourself for your daily commitment.

Are you ready to get your gold medal? What's important is you identify a barrier, and then you break through it. So, turn the page and begin a new journey. It's never too late to make your life better!

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