Hear Them Out!

We all have needs, desires, wants. Each and every one of us has our own scope of interests. The three major human interests revolve around our professional work, private family life or romance, and recognition of our individual importance.

People can seem very difficult to get along with. After all, we all have our quirks, our selfishness, our beliefs and convictions that our egos carve into stone even when life shows us the world operates differently. It's understandable and it's very human of us to be like this. The ultimate key to understanding people and grasping the core of their personality and behavior is actually staring all of us in the face on a daily basis.

Success in interacting with other people requires being considerate to the other person's viewpoint. Just think of all the conversations and opportunities for genuine human understanding you are missing out each time you show prejudice or bias towards someone. Set aside your prejudice and bias for a second and see what can grow out of showing appreciation for something the other person is doing in their personal life, professional life, or is interested in.

By doing this, you expand your knowledge of other people's experiences, and interests. You will also meet future friends, colleagues, business partners and will attain a universal understanding of the world as time moves alongside your experiences. Life is too short for hasty assumptions and biases. These are obstacles often coming from our own blindness or stubbornness due to something that has happened to us in the past. Give yourself another chance to be able to see the world with a different pair of eyes.

Being open and receptive to another person's point of view and ideas will help them be open minded when listening to your ideas and point of view. This is the key to dialogue and constructive cooperation among people in different spheres of human life. Nobody enjoys someone who brags and talks only about themselves all of the time. Nobody enjoys someone who always keeps quiet and doesn't even ask a question of them to show their interest in the subject at hand. But everyone loves an individual that shows interest in the things they are interested in even if said person doesn't know much of the topic and is only a listening ear for a while. This is how we cultivate human relationships and build societies and businesses.

It is wise to cultivate a tendency of seeing things from different standpoints since the world will never operate solely from our own viewpoint. Understanding a different viewpoint means we can influence the individual without going into pointless and needless arguments with them. Instead of arguing or ordering people, you can reach out towards their perception and influence them to your way of thinking, at least partially, so that they will be more likely to take your viewpoint and consider it with their own.

My challenge for you this week involves work to help you become an advanced communicator:

  1. Make a list of key personal and professional relationships you desire to improve.

  2. Purchase a journal book or notebook to log major points or issues discussed in each conversation you have with these individuals.

  3. Review your log before each meeting with these individuals to identify themes that will help you be more effective in connecting with them so that you can advance the relationship.

You will find that when you accept this challenge, you will be more productive in dealing with those around you, resulting in your advancement in both life and in business. So, take the time today to "hear them out!"

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