Labor Day Jumpstart! The Negative and Positive Connection

Have you ever wished you had another chance to make up for a lost opportunity? This extended Labor Day weekend may just be your chance!

For our nation, Labor Day is a tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. So, I applaud all of our past and present workers!

This celebratory weekend is also a sendoff of the summer season! Millions of us are engaged in final summer vacations, camping trips, cookouts and enjoying the kickoff of the college football season! However, in the forefront of our minds is that the closure of summer brings with it the need to shift into a higher speed of functioning to meet the demands of the fall and winter season, which may include getting kids back to school or making the last quarter push at work.

I believe Labor Day should also be the kickoff to ensuring that our personal goals are accomplished so that we can finish the year strong. This last quarter represents another chance to make up for those lost opportunities over the previous months, or the last year.

So, what's YOUR strategy heading into the last four months of the year? How are YOU going to finish strong?

Typically, at this time of year, I engage in countless conversations with folks who disclose that their goals for the year are off track. While the promises they made to themselves and others are important, somehow something became a distraction from staying on course. In these conversations, my response is always the same: It's not too late to achieve your goals, if your five senses can still imagine them. This sense stimulation is a motivating factor toward the ability to spur action.

Do you just need a jumpstart to get back on track?

This past Monday, in a hurried manner, I ventured out into my garage, got in my car, placed the key fob in the ignition, pressed the starter button, and nothing happened. The car did not start. Have you ever had a dead battery?

I needed to jumpstart my car battery so the car could get moving. Luckily, the battery boost only took a few minutes and I was back driving down the road to various appointments! Well, your 2016 goals are still a power source that will move your life down the road, closer to your personal and professional destiny. Your jumpstart will take the elimination of distractions, focused time, hard work, and agonizing pain.

The experience of agonizing pain is one of those factors I believe is necessary for you to really give your goals a high voltage jolt that will finally cause you to have sustainable action. While much focus is given to exploring the benefits of achieving goals, not enough focus is placed on the impact of NOT fulfilling our goals on our spirituality, emotions, physical health, financial well-being, and personal and professional relationships. You cannot deny the detrimental impact of not reaching your goals. It's ironic how negative thinking can lead to positive action.

My challenge for you this week will involve some negative thinking:

  1. Pull out or rewrite your goals for 2016.

  2. For each goal, take 10 minutes to identify and write down the pain that is found in not achieving the goal.

  3. Visualize and write down how you will feel once you've achieved each goal.

  4. Review this list twice a day for the remainder of the year.

I believe that if you follow these 4 steps, you will get the jumpstart you need to end the year strong. Yes, you still have time. Own your future and make it successful. You can do it!


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