Permission Granted: Get Going!

At a very early age, parents instill in their children the duty to seek permission before engaging in numerous activities. Children have learned to ask permission for activities such as eating, leaving the house, and so on. Consequently, children share the common desire to have the power and freedom to make decisions that govern their own life. This desire intensifies with age, and ultimately every child looks forward to reaching adulthood, so the requirement to seek permission is terminated.

The magical age of eighteen comes, adulthood, but for some reason, the green light to get going and live life at full speed, quickly turns to a yellow light. This new light summons a message to proceed through life with caution. Forward movement once again seems predicated on the approval or permission of someone other than ourselves to advance our life experience.

What have you been really craving to do but have been waiting for someone to tell you it's okay to do it? Whose stamp of approval have you deemed critical to make your next big move?

In reality, you have the authority to steer your life in the direction of your dreams. Similarly, you don't need the approval of anyone to make a positive move. However, if you are still not convinced of your own power and authority, then today, I grant you permission to be great. I grant you permission to live life on your own terms! I grant you permission to break your familiar living pattern and venture into the unknown. I grant you permission to enjoy the process to discover your authentic self.

The new you will cause tremors in your relationships, both personal and professional. Nevertheless, I guarantee the authentic you will be happier, and more productive. Consequently, you will maintain or attract the people that will be supportive of your life's mission and journey.

My challenge for you this week involves giving yourself permission to get going:

  1. Make a list of the things you crave to make better in your life.

  2. Write down the primary reasons you have delayed living a life that advances each craving.

  3. On your primary reasons list, generated in the above exercise, in large letter write, EXCUSES ARE NOT AN ALIBI! I RESTORE MY PERMISSION TO LIVE AT FULL SPEED AND LIMITLESS!

Now that you have the permission to get going, you have one less excuse for not being successful. Use the power and authority you have over your own life to make positive choices and accomplish amazing things!

#permission #selfempowerment

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