Stop Tolerating It!

Life is short!

There is nothing original about that statement. What matters is that life is too short to put up with negative behavior from others and from yourself. The truth is that you can be as harmful to yourself as someone else can be. You must realize your tolerance for negative behavior delays, derails, or destroys your ability to live a fulfilled life. So, I review your life for the five things you should stop tolerating.

1. Stop tolerating bad friends

If you have a friend that stresses you out, makes you feel bad about yourself, or uses you to complain about problems, you need to stop allowing them to waste your valuable time. Friends should be there for each other when times are tough, as well as during the good times, but some friends take advantage of your willingness to listen to constant venting. If you find that you feel drained by a friend more often than not, it's important to distance yourself from this person. Even if you've been friends with someone since the first day of kindergarten, if they are not good for your life, you need to consider removing them from your life.

2. Stop tolerating gossip

Gossiping is an unattractive habit that is done by people who need to feel better about themselves by talking about others, usually in a negative way. If you find yourself gossiping, replace that bad habit with more positive conversation. If you have friends who are gossips, attempt to steer the conversation in another direction. If that doesn't work, you should remove yourself from their company.

3. Stop tolerating excuses

Everyone has excuses as to why something can't be done: there's no time, no money, or no energy to get it done. If you have a dream, excuses won't help you achieve it. Finding solutions is what will help you get ahead. When you stop tolerating excuses from yourself, you will get more done and be more successful. If people in your life are making excuses that impact your relationship negatively, you should learn how to deal with the situation in a way that benefits you. If someone is constantly making plans and breaking them, don't make plans with this person anymore.

4. Stop tolerating naysayers

If you're chasing after a goal, the last thing you need is someone telling you it can't be achieved. You deserve support and encouragement no matter what your goal is. If you have someone in your life who says you shouldn't be attempting what you want to do, you should replace this person with someone more optimistic. It's important to surround yourself with the right people, especially when you are trying to create a happy and successful life.

5. Stop tolerating manipulation

You might not even realize you're being manipulated sometimes. People often make subtle comments which are intended to make you do what they want. They will question your love for them so that you will feel obligated to prove that you do. Anyone who loves and respects you will not manipulate you this way. If there is someone in your life who uses your feelings about them to swing things in their favor, you need to stop tolerating their behavior immediately.

Over the course of your life, you will have to make choices that aren't always easy. When you stop tolerating people and behaviors that don't benefit your life, you will notice the difference. Not only will you be less stressed, but you'll be much happier.

My challenge for you this week: Take tough action to stop tolerating bad behavior:

  1. Review your life to see if you engage in any of the five specified behaviors.

  2. Decide a date you will stop tolerating the behaviors.

  3. Identify the individuals you will need to eliminate from your normal ritual of living.

Are you ready to accept this week's challenge? "Stop tolerating it" today, and you'll be able to freely advance deeper into your life purpose and be a high impact person.

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