Trace Your Traits

Have you ever reviewed your own traits and considered how they are affecting your ability to achieve your goals and dreams?

A challenge many people face to this day is staying encouraged in life when it is full of hard situations and frustrations. Having interacted with various people in different areas of life like relationships, business, and educational fields, I can assure you that people are enthusiastic about life. They have a zeal and a passion for getting the best of what they desire. While I embrace that determination with optimism, I have to agree that it is unfortunate that many do not actualize their dreams and ambitions. The challenges they meet in their quest for success have a way of killing the drive and the enthusiasm they initially had. Remember, you don't have to let go of your goals. Life is full of many reasons why you should stay vigilant and encouraged to attain the best you have anticipated all your life.

The good news about your dreams and goals is that it's never too late to achieve them. You will always have a chance to bring your A-Game to every level of challenge in your life. Many people waste time in their lives wishing that they could have another opportunity to make up for what was lost. A life of regrets will never propel you towards achieving your set goals. It only ensures that you dwell in the past thus veiling your eyes from seeing what lies ahead. You can make up for the opportunities that slid away by strategizing to optimize the remaining chances. Failures that occurred in the past have a way of instilling fear in people and thus hinder them from taking new bold steps. You need to decide not to capitalize on past mistakes, and by doing so, you will finish strong. Staying focused is equally important. Avoid giving unnecessary attention to the distractions that come your way.

A false sense of security is a major challenge to success. To be successful in life, it is good you learn to be honest with yourself. I have seen cases where people keep on comforting themselves that they are fine even when they are not. Getting help begins by acknowledging that you need help. This kind of acceptance helps you identify the next approach to getting help. What amazes me is that people find it possible to fake that they are fine just to protect the image they have created for themselves in the society. The result is that they end up hurting not only themselves but also other people related to them.

To be successful, you have to adopt some traits and drop some entirely. It's good for you understand that you can be the greatest hindrance to your success when you retain the negative traits. There are levels of success that you will never rise to as long you keep some friends, habits, and behaviors.

Again, avoid postponing to some other time in the future what you can do at the present moment as this will only delay your success. Happiness is an essential element when it comes to success in all the fields. There is a higher probability of succeeding in what brings you joy than what causes sorrow. Make a choice to stay happy always.

My challenge for you this week:

  1. What things do you need to eliminate to reach your goals?

  2. Set a deadline to eliminate the things you listed in question #1

  3. Reward yourself with an inexpensive gift.

When you take the time to engage in a review of your traits, you will have the knowledge you need to achieve your goals and dreams.


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