Ring in 2017 with a Winning Plan to Defeat Those Feelings of Inadequacy

Well, early this morning the ball dropped in Times Square signaling the beginning of 2017! Across the nation, people uttered the words 'happy new year' with an array of emotions. Most were excited about the fresh start the new year brings. I, too, quickly gave thanks for being blessed with an opportunity to make this year even better than last year.

Now, the challenge of consistently putting in the hours of work to make those new year's resolutions happen begins! I hope you're like me in your vision for 2017: I set some huge goals that will stretch me, much outside my comfort zone!

I'm a pretty transparent person regarding my fight to reach a higher standard of living in many aspects of my life-spiritually, personal relationships, marriage, career, business, financially, sexually, and others. Transparency means a sharing of the feelings and emotions experienced along life's journey. Now, returning to our resolutions, visions, and goals for 2017, I believe we must position ourselves to combat any challenges, setbacks, and self-defeating thoughts that we will likely experience.

So, be honest, do you find yourself feeling inadequate when you face a new challenge? Does even a tiny setback send you spinning with negative thoughts about yourself? Do you sabotage yourself at work or in relationships because of self-doubt?

If any of these describe you, it's time to learn how to fight back. With a little help, you can learn how to stop those negative voices that have held you back.

Understand Where Your Feelings Come From

If you were made to feel inadequate when you were a child, those emotions can linger for a lifetime, popping up whenever an unexpected challenge or a negative reaction from someone else triggers them. However, you don't have to feel trapped as an adult just because someone told you decades ago that you couldn't do anything right.

Give Up on Perfection

You may also experience feelings of inadequacy because you hold yourself up to an impossible standard of perfection. Give yourself permission to stop putting such unreasonable demands on yourself. "Perfect" is never within reach for anyone. Because you are human, you have bad days as well as good, so stop beating yourself up.

Talk Back to Yourself

The negative self-talk that runs through your mind during tough times doesn't have to keep going. Shift that self-talk to something positive and stop dwelling on the mistakes of the past. When someone says something negative to you, you don't have to accept it as fact. Don't let the negative spiral get started, but instead acknowledge the negative feelings and step away from them as you replace them with positive affirmations that help you make real change in your life.

The sky is the limit in terms of what you can accomplish. In 2017, pledge an allegiance to break out of any negative behavior patterns and see real change in your life. I urge you to stay in touch with me to learn how you can bring your A game to everything you do and experience the kind of achievement you've always dreamed of.

My challenge for you this week:

Develop a written plan to win in 2017.

  1. Make a list of the top five things (resolutions, vision, or goals) you will achieve in 2017?

  2. For the first 30 days of this year, decide what routines you will install to advance the five things you listed?

  3. Who will you recruit to serve as your accountability partner to keep you on track?

  4. Contact me for an open and honest push-I don't allow excuses!

Let's go!!

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