Are You Set Up for Success?

Well, we've made it through the first week of 2017! Around the world, the New Year is a time of excitement, good intentions, and promises, and we all make promises to ourselves that we don't keep. How did you do on advancing your New Year's resolutions this week? I hope that you didn't put them off after discovering that they're harder to do than you thought.

This year must be the year you don't mismanage the opportunity to create your most desired life experiences, which come from achieving your New Year's resolutions.

So how do we set realistic resolutions that get us where we want to go?

Define Your Goal

The first stage is to understand what you want to achieve. One of the most common resolutions is to get more fit. However, because this is unnecessarily vague, you never really have an idea of what it means. What you need to do is set a measurable goal such as "complete a two-mile run in less than 15 minutes." This goal is now measurable, so you have some idea of where the endpoint is. In the process of striving to reach this goal, you will realize the necessity to eat healthier and have a consistent exercise regimen.

Create a Realistic Time Frame

When do you want to achieve this goal? In the instance above, if you are somewhat unfit, you may wish to set yourself a less demanding goal. You might choose to aim to achieve this by July 1st. In addition, you want to set yourself monthly milestones. You might wish to run a mile in less than 20 minutes by the end of February. Then, a mile in less than 10 minutes by March. Two miles in less than 25 minutes by the end of April. Setting clear and measurable goals across a realistic time frame ensures that you have a clear plan ahead of you.

Ease Into It

It's often tempting to attempt too much at the start. At some point, you end up exhausting yourself, either physically or mentally, and at that point, you give up. Remember that this goal isn't just about temporary results - it's about a lifetime of achievements. Consequently, you need to ease into the regimen you've set for yourself. In this case, you would want to start with two set days each week where you exercise. If you miss a day, you must do it the next day. As you gradually increase your exercise schedule, you can do more, but make it a part of your routine. This way, you are more likely to get stuff done.

Celebrate Your Milestones

Celebrating your milestones involves doing something special each time you hit a milestone, even if it's late. By doing this, you always have something to look forward to as well as hitting the milestone, and you will then begin to associate hitting the milestone with a treat.

Don't Give Up

Overall, it's essential to keep going even if you miss a day or don't quite hit your milestones. The example given of using running to get more fit can be exchanged for any New Year's resolution. You have the power to make any positive experience happen in your life, and by following these tips, you will set yourself up for success.

My challenge for this week:

Review your top resolutions for 2017 using my tips.

  1. Take out your list of the top resolutions that you will achieve in 2017. If you haven't written these down, my recommendation would be to do so now.

  2. Do your resolutions clearly define your desired outcome? If not, rewrite them to clarify your vision.

  3. Do your resolutions have a time frame? If not, set some milestone dates to ensure that you stay on target.

  4. Do you have a milestone celebration strategy? If not, decide how you will reward yourself. Be sure not to include items or activities that will negate your hard work.

I know this feels like work, but work is a necessary requirement to reach your goals, and will ultimately allow you to experience success in each area of your personal and professional life!

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