FREE: A Jolt of Confidence!

It's the middle of January! The New Years' celebrations are over and the confetti has been cleaned up. So, fifteen days into 2017, your best thoughts and plans of making this year special are either on track or derailed. It's highly likely that if your dream of a better you and better life are fading away, you have been holding on to your old, and familiar, way of thinking and living. You need a jolt of confidence that liberates you to let go of the familiar.

So, once again, let's revisit your goals for 2017. Yes, we must do this! You need to decide whether your desire to reach your goals is greater than your desire to stay in your current situation. Well, what's your answer?

Since your answer was "yes", now comes the psychological challenge. You must take the tough walk away from what you are currently doing that diverts time and energy from your goals. I know that the conformity to your habits is the greatest barrier to your life change. However, when you question your current habits, it propels change in many other areas of your life. To think like a winner, you need to move on from the old way of doing things, which will in turn, help you discover new ways of doing things. Your new emerging mindset and approach to living will also bring new supportive relationships.

Embracing this new way of thinking and living will not be instant or easy. However, maintaining confidence in your belief system will dictate whether you will succeed or fail this year, and beyond. You must consciously force yourself to think positively, especially when fear is making you want to return to your old, familiar habits. So if you develop a negative thought, process a positive one to correct it. I recommend that you always arm yourself with positive people, music, and publications.

Your mind and imagination are great assets--set no limit for them. The limitless you is totally confident on the goal of become exceptional, now and forever.

My challenge for you this week:

Take a few minutes to answer the following questions:

  1. What habits are you clinging to that decelerate your goal achievement?

  2. List the new habits that you need to employ to defeat the old bad habits.

  3. Make a list of people, music, and publications that you will turn to when the temptation to quit striving toward your goals occurs. Activate them whenever necessary!

By answering these questions, you will pack yourself with the confidence tools you need to accomplish the goals that you set for this exciting new year!

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