Take On Your Toughest Challenge!

Have you ever heard anyone say: "Every time I pursue a goal, something gets in the way"?

The way you react when you encounter challenges in your daily life has a massive effect on your ability to achieve your dreams. Take a look at five steps that can help you keep moving forward so you can reach your destination when obstacles seem to block your path.

1. Don't Overreact

If you overreact to a challenge, you may end up making a poor decision. Instead, step aside and observe your own reaction. Let go of your fears and your stress, and wait until you are calm before taking any action.

2. Start at Zero

Accept the situation and challenges that you're facing right now. Forgive yourself for any mistakes you've made that brought you to this moment, and don't get caught up thinking about the past. Instead, treat your current challenge with a zero-based mentality, as if you're starting from scratch.

3. Don't Blame

Whether you're tempted to blame other people for the challenges you're facing or you put it all on yourself, you're wasting energy. Put aside all thoughts of blame to focus on the challenge itself.

4. Choose an Action

Taking an action in response to a challenge is the most important thing you can do to keep yourself from becoming paralyzed. Even if you have to choose a small action, focus on it, and get it done. You will find that the emotions that seem so overwhelming will start to melt away as you put one foot in front of another.

5. Don't Compare

Once you start to take action to conquer a challenge, one more temptation awaits you. Avoid comparing yourself to other people. Yes, others have accomplished more than you have at this point in your life, and yes, other people may have an easier life. If you focus on them rather than yourself, however, you will only end up wallowing in frustration. Your story is not anyone else's, so comparisons are a waste of energy. Focus on making your story the best it can be, and ignore everyone else.

If you find yourself faltering at one of these steps, don't beat yourself up. Look your challenge in the face, pick up where you left off, and keep moving forward. You can do it!

My challenge for you this week:

  1. Write down the greatest challenge to the achievement of your most desired goal in life.

  2. Use the five steps I shared for handling challenges, to review your current perception of your greatest challenge.

  3. Write down three powerful actions you will take, over the next seven days, to start winning the battle with your greatest challenge.

Once you complete these steps, you will demonstrate the power you have to overcome challenges and will begin to achieve the dreams that you thought were unreachable in the past.

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