How High Can You Bounce Up?

Since childhood, I have had a very vivid imagination. It has led to a persistent appetite to accomplish bigger and bigger things in life. In spite of humble beginnings, I always pictured myself as a warrior in battles to defy non-favorable odds. I have won some battles, and lost some battles.

It is a simple fact of life, that we cannot win every battle. In fact, we all face failures to some degree. You may have had financial problems. You may have had personal relationships go bad. You may have made bad decisions that cost you everything you held dear in this world. The question isn't, have you failed? The question is, what did you do with that failure?

Did you take failure, hold it in your heart, tell yourself that there was no point in trying because you had already failed? Or did you draw strength from the effort of trying and learn from your mistakes? Winston Churchill once said 'success is not final; failure is not fatal, it's the courage to continue that counts.'

Don't fear failure. Failures can be some of the most valuable experiences that you will ever have in life. I believe failures provide clues that will point the way toward the pathway to success. I have learned that failure is a pivotal point in our self-discovery and potential personal growth process. See, when we experience a failure, it provides us an opportunity to gauge our true desire to achieve something special. Failure should make us more competitive in the battle to overcome setbacks on the journey to reaching our goals.

If you never fall down, you will never have to pick yourself back up and if you've never have to pick yourself back up, you can never realize just how strong you can truly be. Just as a weight lifter must continually slide more plates on the bar, it is only by striving for more, and to be more, that we grow stronger.

If you face your failures, no matter how large or small, instead of using them as a convenient excuse to stop trying, you embrace the truth that your success is right around the corner. However, you must not wait for it to arrive, go get it! Remember, success is greatest when you bounce up higher than ever from a failure that knocked you down low.

My challenge for you this week: Etch up your resilience for things that matter by taking the following steps:

  1. Write down the important things that you want to achieve, but have made unsuccessful efforts.

  2. What things did you learn not to repeat in the journey to achieve those important things?

  3. Write down two new things you must implement in your next effort to achieve your most important things.

When you take the time and effort to write these down, you will be able to face every failure that comes your way in a manner that will help you become stronger and closer to your desired achievements.

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