Do You Have a Team to Advance Your Dream?

It's raining at the moment. A single drop of water slowly makes its way down the window, dodging the small pieces of dirt accumulated over the past few years. The water drop's progress is defined by gravity, by surface tension, by resistance, by wind and by dozens of small little flaws in the glass and other factors. It reaches the bottom and disappears out of existence, joining the pool at the bottom.

Another raindrop catches my eye. This one starts off on much the same route, until another raindrop catches it. Together, they fall down the window, their line much straighter. They catch other raindrops as they go along, and their path is uninterrupted. While they've reached the bottom together, the path they've left is wider, and more raindrops follow in that path.

Is this a metaphor for the power of groups? Inspiration for a book? The power of looking outside instead of in? Perhaps it's all of these things.

But the most important, I believe, is that it's a demonstration of the power of working in teams. By drawing others in and gradually shaping your life and their lives to your needs, rather than allowing others to define who you are, you make it easier to succeed. You allow others to follow in your path, creating the guiding steps that they need to succeed as well.

Because when you're on your own, you're vulnerable to the actions of others. You get attacked by everyday needs and requirements, just like the first raindrop. By being a part of a team, working together to accomplish the same goal, you can distribute tasks and accomplish so much more than you can on your own.

This team could be a support group to help you change your life. It could be a group to make a difference in your local area. It could be a group to help you lose weight or take up a healthier lifestyle. You might even need to set up your own group to create the right balance of beliefs and action.

Blazing a straight path toward your goals is easier when you are part of a team that's dedicated to the achievement of your goal. Especially when you're at the head of it, guiding and inspiring.

My challenge for you this week:

This week's challenge involves four steps that will help you make a dramatic difference in how much you are able to accomplish. Let's get started...

  1. Write down your 2017 goals that have been slow to set in motion?

  2. What are some reasons for the slow progress?

  3. Make a list of individuals that could help speed up your goal achievement?

  4. Contact the listed individuals and ask for their support through sharing their knowledge and holding you accountable for taking consistent action.

When you complete this week's challenge, you will have a support team that will enable you to produce amazing results and take dramatic steps toward the accomplishment of your goals.

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