Do You Participate in Risky Business?

Thousands of Americans die in automobile accidents each year, and thousands more are injured, sometimes severely. Yet because we need to see people, go places, and get to work, we push the risk of driving automobiles to the back of our minds.

Similarly, doing certain activities, particularly sports, can result in life-changing injuries. Yet again, we ignore those risks, although we do attempt to mitigate them by using padding and by enforcing rules.

Risk is a part of everyday life, and we manage risk almost instinctively. However, we're not very good at working out what actions are inherently riskier than others.

So what's the risk of making positive changes in your life?

The risk is that sometimes these changes don't work. If you remember the last time you asked someone for a big favor, the risk of asking was probably very minor--the worse that the person could say was "no." Yet, at the time, it felt like a huge risk.

For each decision that offers us a choice, it's usually the emotional risk rather than actual risk that scares us. Often, the risk is more about "What if I fail?" rather than "What impact will this have on my life?" I always tell people to take the risk. If you don't succeed on your first attempt, learn what to do better on your second attempt. We should never give ourselves that option of quitting.

Sometimes, there are financial risks, such as taking on a new business venture or a new direction with your career. There might be personal risks, such as entering a new relationship. There might be social risks, such as supporting a particular cause, or going into politics.

Yet realistically, how many of these risks are more dangerous than getting into your car and going for a drive? In most cases, if you have a good plan and you understand what risks are involved, you can lessen most of them and create a successful venture.

So here's what you need to do: plan, anticipate, and succeed. Eventually, you'll have to take a risk and dive into your new career or challenge. It's necessary to build a better and more fulfilled self.

Risk is present in everything that you do. You're already strong enough to succeed, so get on and do it.

My challenge for you this week:

Prepare yourself to take life-advancing risks!

  1. What one action do you need to take to advance your life?

  2. What risks are involved with taking this action?

  3. How can you decrease your fear of these risks?

  4. What date will you start the action?

  5. Do it!

When you take these steps and open yourself to emotional risks, you will never be one of those who never accomplish anything because they are sitting on the sidelines of life.

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