Do You Need A Confidence Boost?

There is an old saying, first attributed to Henry Ford, which goes, "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right." The truth is, we define our own abilities by the way we think of ourselves.

It has long been established that people only use a small percentage of both their physical and mental abilities. In the majority of cases, the limiting factors in our lives are not what we are capable of but what we believe we are capable of.

If you ever have the pleasure of meeting a former or current Navy Seal, ask them about the 60/40 rule that they live by. In the simplest of terms, it goes something like this: When you have done all you can do and can't go any further, you have reached about 40% of your capabilities. You still have 60% in reserve. Use it!

You just have to believe you can. It doesn't matter if you are doing pull-ups, studying for a test, or striving to reach a life goal, you are capable of much more than you believe you are and the key word is believe.

You have greatness within you! If you will just believe that you are capable and deserving, you can achieve that greatness.

If your dream is financial freedom, you can learn to earn, save, invest, and achieve great wealth. But first, you have to believe.

If your dream is to finish a triathlon, you can do it. It will take training, effort, and a lot of mental strength--but if you believe you can and, just as importantly, believe you deserve to, your success is all but guaranteed.

Most of us are our own worst enemies. We take the easy road by making excuses or by giving ourselves reasons not to succeed. In many cases, it is because we are afraid of failing. At some point we find that someone, usually ourselves, has convinced us that we are not good enough or deserving enough to find success, so we don't even give it an honest try.

The first step in reversing this is to tell yourself: you can, you deserve to, and you will. You hold the power within your own mind to achieve great things. You just have to take that first step and believe in your own greatness. Then put that inner awesomeness to work.

My challenge for you this week:

Take the following steps daily to build your confidence:

  1. What things do you desire, but find yourself doubting your capacity or worthiness to achieve?

  2. Write down daily rituals and habits you need to employ to move yourself closer to achieving each of those things you desire.

  3. Start performing these daily rituals and habits!

  4. Every night, congratulate yourself for taking steps to increase your confidence and power!

Once you take these steps, you will have the confidence and the power you need to make things happen!

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