Finding Your Motivation for Success

"I can't do it."

How many times have you said this to yourself lately?

In one form or another, we've all thought it from time to time, but some of us dwell on the negative until it swallows up our entire self-image. When that happens, "I can't" becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, as if a spell has been cast that makes success in anything--personal, financial, spiritual, or romantic--utterly impossible.

There's nothing unhealthy about uncertainty when you're genuinely unsure of yourself, but the first step to escaping the cycle of bad thoughts, bad acts, and bad outcomes is to break the chain that begins with "I can't". It's not easy--because you may not actually believe that you can--but here are a few steps to breaking the spiral you may be caught in and start believing that you can:

Know Yourself

The first step to fighting the will-sapping "can't" mentality is to be aware of it. If you're in the habit of sabotaging yourself before you even begin, learn to spot that inner voice that's lying to you about your weakness, and consciously resist its effect on your morale.

Play It, Then Keep Playing It

When you catch yourself beginning that downward spiral, it's okay to play the role you desire to motivate yourself. Studies have confirmed that people who force themselves to believe, or even to say to themselves in the mirror, that they're up to any challenge and they can do what they want generally succeed far more than people who give in to the negative voice that says that they can't.

Seek and Ask for Help

There's no shame in reaching out for help when you can't pull yourself up by bootstraps that may not even be there. I've spent my life helping people overcome their inner pessimist and learn how to break the barriers they've put between themselves and their A-game. From the public speeches I've given around the country to the one-on-one counseling sessions I've had with top business executives, entertainers and athletes, I've developed a keen appreciation for the role motivation plays in our success, and for how the power of intelligent, directed goal setting and action can change things up for the least fortunate among us.

My challenge this week:

Shift into an "I can" mentality.

  1. Close your eyes and visualize yourself doing something out of your comfort zone.

  2. What is that something you visualize?

  3. What is your inner voice communicating to you about your ability to achieve the visualized thing?

  4. Identify your negative inner voice and combat it by repeatedly saying, "I can do anything I commit to."

  5. Identify people with the ability to help you, and take action to connect with them within the next 72 hours.

When you accept this week's challenge, you'll break the cycle of "I can't" and begin a new cycle of "Yes, I can!" If you need additional help in this area, contact me today and we'll discuss how a one-on-one consulting session can help you go from where you currently are to where you want to be.

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