Who is Defining YOU?

Thomas' teachers said he was "slow" and "unreachable," therefore, his mother was forced to teach him basic reading, writing, and mathematics at home.

Another student, Young Albert, received a recommendation by his teacher that he leave school at the age of 15, which he did. Later on, when applying for further studies, he failed the entrance exam and it was suggested that he learn a trade.

Both of these young men grew up in less than affluent homes and had no reason to expect more from life than to be common workers or at best civil servants (which one of them did for several years).

At a young age, they were both marked as "mentally deficient" and told that they would be better off to lower their sites and find gainful employment that used their backs more than their brains. Luckily, both also had loving parents who refused to accept what the experts said about their children and who instilled in them a belief that they were something special.

As it turns out, the experts were wrong. Locked in their tiny worlds of measured standards and expected responses they were incapable of recognizing the seeds of greatness locked in the minds of these two young boys; seeds that would never have grown if these two young men had let others define what they were capable of.

The shortest path to failure is allowing others to define who you are and what you can accomplish in your life. The shortest path to fulfilling your dreams is by having faith in yourself the willingness to step beyond what others say and taking responsibility for your own failures and credit for your own successes.

Young Albert and Thomas both suffered rejection. Each of these fine men suffered more than their fair share of failures. One of them even failed at the same task more than 10,000 times before accomplishing his goal. Neither of them ever surrendered when criticized or told that they couldn't be who they chose to be.

If you haven't caught on yet, the young men in this article are Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein, two of the greatest minds and most successful men this world has ever produced. Imagine our world if they had let others define who they were.

My challenge for you this week:

Conduct the following steps of "self-discovery" that will lead to an unleashing of your true ambitions:

  • Ask yourself what you may have to contribute if you define yourself and tap into the greatness that lies within you.

  • Write down the items that come to mind when answering the previous question.

  • What thoughts are holding you back from taking the actions needed to achieve these things?

  • Determine if those thoughts are real or unreal.

The only thing that holds us back are our limiting thoughts. Apart from those thoughts, we are limitless in our ability to create our futures.

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