What Is Life Really About?

Too often in life, we get caught up in focusing on the wrong things. We don't always realize that life isn't about work, money, or ideas.

We worry about our work. Am I doing enough? Will this project get finished on time?

We worry about money. Can I make more? Can I stretch what I have a little further? Will there ever be enough?

We worry about ideas. I'm right, you're wrong. How can you think that? They shouldn't be doing that, that way. My beliefs are better than yours.

The truth is that to achieve success in life and release the greatness that resides inside each of us, you have got to move beyond all that and realize one truth: PEOPLE are what truly matter in life. Things and thoughts never accomplished anything. PEOPLE are what make things happen and get goals accomplished.

Lord Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, is a firm believer in this concept. He has been quoted as saying "Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business." He understands that it is his PEOPLE who make his multiple businesses a success.

Think for a minute about the people who occupy your life and how focusing on them will help you achieve those things you worry about not achieving. Small acts of kindness toward significant people in your life do pay off. They will allow you to face the demands of tomorrow with more energy, better focus, and more productivity knowing that you have an appreciative significant other or supportive friend.

There is an Old Russian proverb that goes, "There are two ways to climb a mountain. You can be pulled by those above you or pushed by those below. The wise man does both." Who is helping you reach the peak of the mountains you must climb in your life?

If you focus more on the client and less on the sale, I guarantee your business will improve. If you focus on helping people around you achieve their dreams, you will be sure to see yours come true.

My challenge for you this week:

Spend time and effort building good will with others.

  1. Who are the two most significant people in your life that you value their support?

  2. Have a conversation with each people to find out how you can provide mental, spiritual, physical or financial support to them.

  3. Make a conscious effort to provide them support in the method they revealed to you.

When you follow these steps and remember that people are the ways, means, and cause for anything being accomplished in life, you are going to be headed down the road to success!

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