How Much Do You Value Your Time?

What if I made you a simple offer:

Let's say I were to offer you a new house, car, wardrobe, and a million dollars in the bank, and all that it would cost you is 3 months of your life?

It sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn't it? After all, what is three months over the course of a lifetime?

What if I made you the same offer but you knew you only had 6 months to live--would you make the same deal?

Would you give half of the rest of your life for a few fancy things you're not going to be here to enjoy?

I bet a lot of people just changed their answer.

Now, what if I told you that odds are you are already doing much worse than that.

A recent study found that people are busier now than they have ever been in history. Great news, right? We are really busy so we must be accomplishing great things? Afraid not!

The same study found that only 20% of our time is productive. The other 80% is just time being busy or doing things that we feel we must do, instead of doing the things that we were really meant to do.

Now think about this, what could you accomplish, in your life, if you could turn those numbers around? What if you dedicated yourself to spending 80% of your time to being productive?

My challenge for you this week:

Try my One-Week Life Uplift experiment!

  • For seven consecutive days, keep a notebook log of all your activities and the time you spend on each. Your entries should follow this format:

6:30 am woke up

6:30-6:45 showered and groomed (15 minutes)

6:45-7:30 prepared and ate breakfast (45 minutes)

7:30-8:00 drove to work (30 minutes)

Important Note: Be sure to record such things as telephone conversations, internet surfing, television watching, etc.)

  • At the end of the seven day period, go back and actually calculate the minutes you were being productive. Then, calculate your unproductive time.

  • Challenge yourself to write down ways to use ten hours of your unproductive time to be productive.

Everything you own can be replaced--except your time. When spent, it is gone forever. Learn to value your time and put it to use to advance your life mission.

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