What Kind of Tomorrow Are You Building?

Do you realize that doing nothing is doing something? No matter how you choose to look at it, what you do today is building the tomorrow that you will have.

I meet people who want to move out of their leadership support role into a leadership role. While that is a worthwhile goal that can bring many rewards, simply showing up and doing their job isn't going to make it happen. They have got to study, read, take classes, and attend seminars. They have got to prepare today if they hope to change their tomorrow.

I meet people who want to start their own businesses. My first questions are always: What books are you reading? Who is your mentor? and, What classes are you taking? If they can't answer these questions, then they are doing nothing worthwhile.

I meet people who are concerned about their future health. Maybe they have lost someone to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or any number of other causes. Amazingly, many of these people want to meet me at a fast food restaurant or similar establishments. Can you guess what I see in their future?

The truth is, many people have great dreams or serious worries about tomorrow but are doing nothing to change their lot in life today. Sadly, many people who might be contented with their lives are also doing nothing, believing that what they have is good enough and they can just let things ride.

I say sadly, because this is a lie. The world turns 24 hours a day and no two days are exactly alike. Time marches, the world evolves and if you don't do something worthwhile to improve yourself today, then you are falling behind.

Doing nothing is doing something. It is preparing to fail. It is preparing to see what you have slip away. Forget moving ahead. If you are not preparing yourself for what tomorrow is going to bring, then you are headed downhill.

If you want to advance, grow, move up the ladder, build a better tomorrow for yourself and those you love, start preparing today!

If you worry about your health failing you as you age, take care of your body today! Get up, move around, and educate yourself on the root causes of your concerns. In the age of the internet, there is no excuse for ignorance.

Whether you are working hard or doing nothing, you are building your tomorrow today.

My challenge for you this week:

Do something that will alleviate a situation that causes you to worry!

  1. Take 30 minutes to reflect on your current life status, and make note of those things that cause your greatest concerns and worries.

  2. Write down one concern or worry that you will focus on for the next 30 days to work on alleviating.

  3. Who do you know that has overcome that same concern or worry that you possess? (If you don't know anyone, use the Internet or local bookstore to identify someone.)

  4. Study the approach they used to overcome a similar concern or worry as yours.

  5. Write down two behavior changes that you will implement to combat your concern or worry.

  6. Implement the changes, consistently, for the next 30 days.

It's time to make a decision on what kind of tomorrow you are going to plan for. Will you plan to fail, or plan to succeed? The choice is yours!

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