Release the Hero Inside of You

In many of my weekly articles we have talked about courage--but what exactly is courage?

Is courage running into a burning building to save a life? That is one form of courage.

Is courage a soldier diving on a hand grenade to save the lives of others? Undoubtedly, that would qualify as a courageous act.

Is courage waking up every day, going to a job you would rather not have in order to provide for your family? This one is a little tougher question, isn't it? Depending on your views, that could be courageous or extreme cowardice. On one hand, you are sacrificing the most precious thing you have, your time, for others. On the other hand, you are settling for a life you really don't enjoy living.

The point is, courage comes in many different forms and each of us may have different views of what constitutes living a courageous life.

This I guarantee you though, if you are not living a courageous life then you are not living the life you deserve. You are standing in your own way and "settling" (I hate that word) for something less than the pure joy that life can bring. Even if the area in which you are lacking courage has to do with a severe health issue, you are denying yourself and the world by not stepping up to the plate.

A lady I knew felt a lump in her breast. For months she put off being checked, or even acknowledging that it was a potential problem, but it weighed on her mind. The worry ate at her and every aspect of her life until she was on the verge of divorce and losing her job.

Finally, she went to the doctors and was informed she had stage four cancer that had already spread throughout her body. Her friends and family rallied around her and, perhaps for the first time in her life, she realized just how loved she was.

She spent her remaining days visiting other cancer patients in the oncology ward passing out guardian angels. It was her way of sharing the love. To me, that was a courageous lady. Before she died she told me, "It might sound crazy, but these last days have been the best of my life. Unfortunately, it took a doctor's prognosis to make me live courageously."

It takes courage to live a great life. Fear is a thief that will rob you of the life you deserve and make you settle for less. Don't let fear stop you from growing. Don't let it stop you from reaching. Don't let it lead you to settle when you should be excelling.

My challenge for you this week:

Test your courage of heart!

  1. Write down something you need to challenge yourself to conquer.

  2. Envision yourself as being very courageous toward this thing.

  3. In your courageous mindset, write down the things you must do to conquer the thing that challenges your courage.

  4. Make the items you wrote 'tasks' to be performed and each week evaluation your progress on a scale of successful or unsuccessful.

  5. Of course, any items rated a "unsuccessful" will require more focus and action.

Don't wait! Get started today taking the steps to being more courageous. By doing so, you will be able to release the hero inside of you and achieve the life you are searching for!

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