New Year's Resolutions Revisited

Well, the first week of the new year is over. I hope everyone has their ducks in a row and are advancing on their New Year's resolutions. You do recall all those little promises to yourself about all the great things you are going to accomplish in 2018, don't you?

For the overwhelming majority of people, New Year's resolutions are some of the most short-lived self-promises ever dreamed up. However, the good thing about them is that they reveal our consciousness of the things we know we need to improve in our life! Resolutions are obvious things that we have let linger on for some time. If you knew you needed to lose weight, quit smoking, go back to school, work harder, end a bad relationship, or show more love back in the month of May, why would you wait 7 months to make a New Year's resolution to make those changes?

To me, the entire idea that just because the calendar year has rolled over you are going to magically start making sustainable, positive changes in your life is a lie. The key to making sustainable positive change is to have a compelling reason to put an end to your problem.

There are two questions that will help you identify your "compelling reason":

  1. If you don't change, how bad will your life become?

  2. If you take consistent action to change, how much pleasure will you receive?

Identifying these reasons will help you step up to the plate the other 364 days of the year after you have celebrated the arrival of the new year.

If you want to be the best YOU possible, then you must dedicate yourself to that task today, tomorrow, and every day! It really doesn't take much. At least not nearly as much effort as most of the grand promises people normally make to themselves at this time of year. It just takes consistent consciousness of your problem, compelling reasons to end the problem, and dedication to taking action.

Forget trying to drop 10 pounds. Instead, leave the car parked and walk your kids to school, or buy a backpack and cycle to neighborhood places, such as stores.

If you lack education needed to enhance your knowledge of a subject matter, dedicate yourself to reading one page from one book before turning the lights out at night.

Do you want a more loving relationship with your partner? Tell them you love them first and last thing every day.

It doesn't take grand efforts, it just takes the desire to develop positive habits.

Forget resolutions. More often than not they are just a lie we tell ourselves then forget come daylight. Instead, take the time each day to create a better you.

My challenge for you this week:

1. Write down your New Year's resolutions.

2. For each resolution, make a list of negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences that will occur from not advancing your resolution.

3. Now, make a list of positive outcomes you expect from achieving each resolution.

4. Review each list, make sure it compels you to take action.

When you dedicate yourself to completing the 4 steps listed above, you will turn a once-a-year ritual into an every-day effort to create a better YOU all year long!

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