Be Careful What You Feed Your Mind

As you can imagine, I am a man who loves words. I am a firm believer that not only do words have the power to transform our lives but they are the very nourishment that sustains our spirits. Just like what we feed our bodies influences how we feel and how healthy we become, what we feed our minds and souls determines our mental and spiritual health.

So often, our emotions, our thoughts, and our feelings are simply reflections of the environment, of the society that we make our own, and of those "foods" that we take into our souls. In other words, we become those things that we surround ourselves with.

I'm definitely not saying that the neighborhood you grew up in or your family life is an excuse for you to fail. I'm saying the exact opposite. Just look at their stories, and you'll find literally thousands of examples of people who grew up in hard and difficult environments, yet still overcame those challenges.

In every case, they either had someone in their lives who created a better environment than they found outside their doors or they made a conscious decision to create one for themselves.

Instead of hanging around on the corner or in the bar, they went to the library, the church, or the practice field.

Instead of spending time around people moaning, complaining, and making excuses, they found people who spoke and wrote sweet words, words of encouragement, words of overcoming, and most importantly, words of personal responsibility.

Just like every person reading this, they had to make a choice to find positive words to feed themselves and to distance themselves from the naysayers and excuse-makers of the world. Years ago, I made the decision to walk this path, and I never looked back! I pledged to bring my "A-game" to every day's journey.

Do you want to find success?

Do you want to win against every challenge you face whether it be health, financial, spiritual, or any other form?

Start by feeding yourself the right words. Read the right books. Listen to the right speakers. Surround yourself with family and friends who are positive about life. Then, and only then, can you build the heart, mind, and spirit of a true winner.

Remember, as ye speak so shall it be.

My challenge for you this week:

Accelerate your positive feeding process.

  1. For one week, I want you to pick out a self-help book and read it. Make sure the book contains action steps you must apply to improve your life.

  2. Identify those situations that drain your positive spirit and energy. For example, for me, watching television news or reality shows challenge my positive mindset. They are energy drainers, and are filled with complaining people who don't want to take responsibility.

  3. Pledge to minimize the amount time these people or situations have access to you.

  4. However, if you encounter these scenarios, mentally remind yourself of the positive words you have been feeding yourself so that you can build yourself up for those challenging moments.

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