Do You Know the Essence of Time?

Time is a wonderful thing, and it is a demon. It is the ultimate reality, and life's greatest illusion. It is valuable beyond measure, and the easiest thing in the world to waste. It is a force so strong that its flow can't be halted, and so insubstantial it can't be trapped, bottled, or held in your hands.

I am a big proponent of making good use of your time. There is little you can do with your time that will be of better service to you than using it to build a better life and fighting to overcome the challenges that life has put before you, but--and this is another of those big buts--the only sure time that you can overcome and gain value from the knowledge that you've armed yourself with is NOW!

Tomorrow may never come and yesterday is gone forever.

I am also a person who believes that the mistakes we make in life are only mistakes if we fail to learn from them. Experience is still the greatest teacher we will ever have, but those lessons learned can only make a difference in our lives if we use them NOW!

The past is just a shadow of a journey never to be repeated and none of us are promised tomorrow.

The only real joy and real happiness that you can ever experience in life comes from the moment that is NOW. You may be able to look back at the good times in life and feel some of the joy they brought you AT THAT TIME, but you will never be able to relive them.

You may be able to plan for your future, set yourself a target that gives you something to work towards, and hope for a better tomorrow, but that future can only manifest itself when it is no longer out there in front of you and becomes rock solid in the present.

It's a good thing to plan for your future and learn from your past but don't get so lost in what was, or what may be, that you fail to appreciate what you have today, this minute, and this very second of your life. Do you have air in your lungs? Be thankful for it and put it to good use. Do you have a good man or woman by your side? Let that person know how much you appreciate them being there. Do you have hopes, dreams, desires? Make them happen today!

My challenge for you this week:

Embrace the precious nature of time.

  1. Write down three key lessons that you have learned from your past experiences.

  2. How can you use these experiences to appreciate the present moment?

  3. Write down the things you want to enjoy more.

  4. Use this moment to set that enjoyment process in motion.

  5. Write down the action you will take now and tomorrow to sustain the enjoyment.

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