Forget Being Normal

I truly believe that everyone should travel when they get the opportunity. It doesn't really matter where you go as long as it is not where you're from.

When I say "not where you're from", I don't mean that if you're from New York, you should visit Florida. Sorry, but that's not traveling. It might be a long way from home, but you're still in the same country and overall the same cultural norms still apply. It is like walking into a different room of your own home: the wallpaper may change but it's still the same house.

Also, when I recommend that you travel to other countries, I don't mean that you should visit just the tourist areas. All they do is transport a little of your home to theirs for the purpose of taking your money. What I do mean is that you should go to a different place, leave the hotels behind, and get out to learn what the people there are really all about. I guarantee you will find that many of the things you consider normal don't apply and might be shocked by what they consider normal.

Why do I say that being exposed to these things is a good thing? Because normal is the enemy of excellence. Normal makes you mediocre at best. It may feel safe and secure, but it is your enemy. Doing the normal tasks, thinking the normal thoughts, following the normal trends, and walking the normal paths will only make you normal. It will never lead you to excellence and it will never bring you true happiness and contentment.

People have been preaching for years to think outside the box. They want you to do it while coloring inside the lines, though, and if you don't, they think you're abnormal.

Forget the lines, forget the box, and forget normal. When you walk your own path, find your own joys, and live to your own standards, you will not only find true happiness but true freedom.

Artists are the freest people on earth because they defy the norm. Be the artist of your own life; Be the creator of your own future; and, to paraphrase Winston Churchill, be the master of your own soul.

My challenge for you this week!

  1. Write down three adventurous or courageous things that you want to do.

  2. What pattern of behavior must be interrupted for you to do these things?

  3. What action will you take that will interrupt those normal behaviors and help lead you to be more adventurous?

  4. Don't wait. Start this week!

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