Embrace Your Fears

Would you like be a courageous person?

Courage doesn't come without effort. If you want to be courageous then you must learn to embrace your fears, recognize them for what they are, analyze why you have them, and then overcome them.

This is the essence of courage! You must remember that there is no courage without fear.

Some people mistakenly believe that courage is the absence of fear. That is so wrong! Bring me a person who fears nothing and I will uncover their hidden fears in a matter of minutes.

See, everyone possesses fears. I believe God put fear into our hearts for a reason. Fear is an emotion that is meant to coach us to take the action necessary to avoid the negative outcome we imagine, such as the following examples:

  • Being afraid of getting struck by a car keeps us from walking into the street without looking to make sure the coast is clear.

  • Being afraid of immobility should make us exercise and eat healthier.

  • Being afraid of separation from God should cause us to consistently learn and practice spiritual principles.

While these are all healthy fears, there are some fears that are not good for us. Some examples include:

  • Being afraid to ask for a promotion or a raise when we know we have earned it is not a healthy fear.

  • Being afraid to start something new because we might fail is not a healthy fear.

  • Being afraid to go to a doctor when we are hurting because we might hear something we would rather not confront is not a healthy fear.

  • Being afraid to reach out to people because you might be rejected is not a healthy fear.

Perhaps the worst of all the "negative" fears is the fear to look inside of ourselves and be totally honest about why we carry these fears with us.

These are the fears that you must face. These are the fears that you must find the courage to overcome. These are the fears that test our faith, our determination, and our willingness to make modifications to our thinking and behavior.

If we first find the courage to dig deep within ourselves and be honest about why we fear rejection, failure, or whatever else scares us beyond action, then there is nothing in this world that we cannot overcome.

My challenge for you this week:

Make time for "inner reflection".

  1. Ask yourself what it is that you really want out of life?

  2. Ask yourself why you're not seeking it with your whole heart?

  3. What fears must you confront and defeat?

  4. Make a list of actions you will take to defeat each of your fears.

  5. Activate yourself to take consistent action to control and eliminate your fears.

Be a person of courage. Meet your fears head on and move forward in life.

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